Room Redo #1

I’ve been working on redoing each of my children’s rooms. My son’s room is pretty awesome as it is, it just needs better organization and some sprucing up.

He’s got this car/garage themed something happening and I hope it sticks for a few more years.

Anyway, my focus has been getting his desk area together since he’s now in kindergarten (tear, tear, cry, cry) and needs a functional workspace. The desk I found some months ago on craigslist as an amazing steal. Its a REAL wood vintage, that was refinished in a BRIGHT red with chrome hardware(which matches perfectly and saved me the work of doing the same thing).

First order of business was to get the drawers together and make them all make sense. Then, I put up shelves for his current and future trophies and awards.

The only thing I was missing was a place for books. I found these super cool bookends at a thrift store, which were perfect save for the $25 pricetag. I’m pretty frugal and that seemed out there for something I could probably make. EVERY TIME I say that, I end up making it. So the research commenced!

I started with cutting some pallet wood that I had in my garage. Then I made some salt dough to give it a little weight and a base for a car, truck, or ATV(chosen by my son).

After some baking, painting, and sealing, this is what we have:


Function for less than $3!

Definitely a nice finish to the desk area. What do you think?



Blasphemy of a 3-yr-old

As I put my daughter to bed last week, she said something that threw me off completely.  "Mommy, Can you help me find Jesus?"

When she first said it, I figured I was hearing things or just misunderstanding her(which happens often), but sure enough….."Mommy, I can't find Jesus!  Can you help me find him?"

My first thought was, What did she learn at Sunday School that confused her and she's now asking me for Jesus. After a second of thought, I asked her, "What does Jesus look like?", her response….."He's pink and white, and he sings when you press his tummy…..Jesus loves me this I know…."

I quickly realized that she was referring to a teddy bear she'd been given as a much smaller baby that sings "Jesus Loves Me".  Lately my child names all of her teddy bears and toys by some attribute of theirs that helps her to remember them.  This pink and white teddy bear is now named Jesus as a result.

Can a 3-yr old truly commit an act of blasphemy?

I've been calling this bear Pinky in an attempt to get her to change the name to something else……she's quite unmoved by my attempts and now insists on calling the bear "Jesus Loves Me"…..

Rainy Day Boredom

When children are bored on a rainy day, they don't always find productive things to do.  Especially when there is a camera around….

When I plugged in my camera, I found a number of really odd pictures and a video that made me laugh uncontrollably:

IMG_1585IMG_1572IMG_1589Picture 012

Okay….so the last picture says that Daddy was home and let them play with the camera!

But this video….HILARIOUS!

Kiana Pretzel Walk