Fun With Craigslist

I’m a strange one, and sometimes I like to peruse Craigslist just to see what’s out there, mostly just to see what’s FREE.  The cheaper, the better for my repurposed furniture.  I’m not opposed to swiping that desk that the neighbors on the next street put out front of their house for bulk day, and getting busted courtesy of their motion sensing floodlights….but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, I like free stuff.  The past few days, I’ve noticed that people are crazy on Craigslist.  There’s definitely a clown or 2 out there, posting crazy things just for the hell of it.  For example, the sandwich…

free sandwich

It reads:

Peanut Butter and Cream Cheese sounded like a good idea so what can I say? I did it.  I’m not saying I regret it, but I’m also not saying I don’t regret it.  I don’t know what I’m saying really.

Basically I brought this sandwich into the world and I can’t take the guilt of throwing it out. I added some sliced strawberries cuz that sounded good too.  Mistakes were made. Lets not dwell on it.

Free to a good home”

As you can imagine, I had a GREAT laugh with that.  Now today, I came across this gem:

free doll

This one says:

“I want to get rid of this doll, my daughter doesn’t want it anymore, our dog won’t stop barking at it and we can never find it where we left it. Doll has a really cute laugh but no batteries required. Pick up only, thanks!  “

From these, I’ve now concluded that Floridians are completely insane or insanely creative.  Dear Craigslist Hero, I ❤ U and your humor….even though I’m slightly afraid that you may be a psycho, and living within 10 miles of me.


I’m a Big Scaredy Cat

Over the years, I’ve noticed that I’ve developed a series of irrational, and somewhat crazy fears. I would like to attribute most of this to being a parent, and noticing how children can very quickly turn an everyday task into an health hazard. Even I can’t pin it all on them.

So, I’m putting these fears out there because I just faced one the other day, and SURVIVED.

Fear #1
A spider in my car. I’m SCARED of spiders, always have been, always will be. The damned things creep me out. It doesn’t help that I have massive amounts of banana spiders around my home. The other day as I was driving, this happened. It ACTUALLY happened. I am still a little too shaken to repeat the gory details, but you get the idea.

Fear #2
Being swallowed by a boa constrictor. This one I blame on my kindergarten teacher. That song isn’t fun, it’s terrifying.

Fear #3
Creepy crawly things in my ears or nose and eating my brain. If you were present for the mystery item my daughter had in her nose, you would COMPLETELY understand. And today, I saw this, which only made it worse:


This really could EAT your brain! I mean, brain matter and clams are about the same, right?

Fear #4
Dying on the toilet. Happens everyday, elderly men and women found, pants down, handling the last of their business. Or worse yet, you sit on the toilet and you’re unexpectedly attacked by a spider or snake that decided to emerge from your latrine at that very moment.

Fear #5
Glitter in my eye. Think about how much an eyelash hurts when it gets in your eye, glitter is even worse AND it could cause a corneal abrasion.

Now that I have the worst of them out there. I feel better. I used to make fun of my mother for her irrational fears, and now I am just like her(make that fear #6). My mom is great, loving, wonderful, but…I don’t want to be her or Aunt Josephine from A Series of Unfortunate Events.

What’s funny is if you showed me masked man with a gun next to any of these scenarios, the masked man would lose. Maybe as I get older, and more mature(HAHAHA), these fears will subside. Or I’ll get tougher.

The Good Old Days

Do you remember the very first cd, album, etc you bought? How it made you feel?

My mom will proudly tell you it was Rose Royce….

I can’t help but to think what our kids will remember…..will it be the first song they downloaded? The answer as I’ve discovered is, “NO”. I asked our 17-yr-old intern at work if he remembers what he first downloaded, and he couldn’t recall. I asked my 17-yr old stepdaughter and she also couldn’t recall.

I know that a good portion of what I remember in life is from my childhood, and relishing all those “first” memories. It seems like with everything being instant, ADHD, fast-zoom-bang-right-now, our children don’t have many memories to look forward to…..

I’ve nearly made it my mission to insure that my kids remember it all! Days at the park, running and jumping on the beach, and more….I just hope that maybe they’ll remember the good things and have the “firsts” that are worth remembering.

For the record, my first cd was Another Bad Creation… contained the driving force behind me wanting to change my name to “Iesha”.


Challenging Challenge

Last week my friend Angela comes to me during lunch with this “Great Idea”. She was reading this blog where this girl decides to wear her hair in different styles each day of the week. My face instantly is:


She convinces me somehow with a lot of:



Eventually we end at:


We’re officially on day 2 and this is what I’ve come up with for the massive curly mess upon my head:

Day 1(a pretty basic bun):


Day 2(a side pinned 80’s-ish homage)


We’ll see what happens with days 3-5…..but knowing me, it won’t last. It’s difficult to do something everyday with this hair. More than 5 minutes spent on hair could be dangerous. My 2 and 6 year old could demolish and rebuild a whole city in that time. Can you imagine what they’d do to the living room?

My Life(as a blogger)

Over the past year or so, I’ve vowed that I’d start up my blog again, and do all kinds of great and wonderful things with it……stop world hunger, tell other parents that it’s not that bad, startup my sewing projects, etc…..

Sadly, I’ve failed. I’ve done more reading of blogs than writing. I can’t help if people have more interesting things to write about. I’m a dedicated reader to a few amazing blogs, written by amazing people that I just KNOW would be my best friends if they only lived next door.


Refashionista. The woman had mad skillz with a sewing machine. She turns the most disgusting of shoulder pads into something even cooler(toys for shelter kittehs- and more), turns old lady dresses into wearable art, and she’s all around awesome. In addition to ALL of that, she’s been refashioning for nearly a year to support a good cause.

Myexwifesweddingdress. He turned his pain into something semi-constructive and eventually gathered enough material to write a book! And….it’s all done without totally bashing his ex wife, or even mentioning her name. He’s just a good guy that got dealt a bad hand.

Dkn. She’s an old voxer pal of mine, and she’s just cool. Not only do you get a taste of what’s going on in her world…..but you vicariously live the life of a young New Yorker, via an intelligent and spirited individual.

365toawesome. There’s a bit of everything there. It’s really just her personal journey into being happy. AND….I know her in real life, so I get to see it firsthand. It’s been pretty amazing thus far.

Overall, each of these people have a true purpose….something that makes them move. I gotta say….I love the blogosphere, it’s like the cool kids table. You want to be there….you just gotta figure out how. In the meantime, I’ll continue with my random ramblings, and maybe let you in on my 30×30 plan….WE SHALL SEE!

Crazy Inspiration

It’s so odd how inspiration suddenly strikes you. I’m sitting at home today with a sick kid and my Netflix(yay!), watching a movie called Hesher and BAM! I’m inspired.

The part of the movie that did it was this:

All I could remember was walking with my grandma, watching her walk down the street in her long, black fur coat……remembering our attempted walk around the block(hysterics! BTW), and the most vivid of our walk inside the movie theater. Maybe it’s so vivid because it’s the last real time I recall my grandmother walking well on her own. Don’t read this and think it as a sad memory, it’s such a good one.

On this particular “walk”, I happen to be taking grandma to a Dr’s appointment, and passed the theater, and she says, “Have you ever been to this place before?”. I told her I had and asked what was the last movie she’d seen a movie in a theater…..and she laughed. And laughed. And laughed some more. That made me decide that we needed to go.

As soon as the appointment was over we had a date! We went home, readied ourselves, I found a sitter, and off we went!

First to dinner at Longhorn’s where we had steak and shrimp, with baked sweet potatoes, and I introduced grandma to a “Chocolate Stampede”. After our lovely dinner(where my grandmother insisted on having the chef come out and thanking him for the meal, etc….

After a LOVELY dinner, we went on over and saw, “Shall We Dance?“. I admit, it’s not a movie that I’d have gone to see with friends, or for any reason really, BUT, it’s what Grandma wanted to see. The theater happened to be ALL THE WAY in the very back of the place(of course because no one was watching that movie- or so I thought)- so we walked. And we walked, and talked, and walked….and she said, “The last time I went to a movie was when my last husband and I were dating”. This meant 1969 to ’70-ish. By the time we had a good chuckle about it, she never got around to telling me what movie they saw. She didn’t really remember, she said it was same as now, “I was walking on that red movie carpet with someone who loved me, what does it matter the movie we watched?”

I just remember that so clearly as if it were last week, and not nearly 8 years ago… thinking about it, I’d give millions for that walk again- the last time I walked and held my grandmother’s hand.

Friggin’ Indy flicks with their hidden meanings, conjuring up random memories!


Time is a flyin’

I can’t believe 2009 is almost out of the door. This year has FLOWN by at speeds unheard of. So fast that I haven’t even had time to blog lately. I guess….I’ll need to be catching up on my life.

In the meantime, I’d like the share this toooo cute pic of my babies: