Day 3 of this hair “thing”

So today was day 3, this is my sad attempt at documenting this sad attempt of a hairstyle:


What I did was twisted my hair at the base of my neck, then turned it upward…..almost like making a French twist. Then I secured it with one of those “EZ Combs

So, the style looks a bit like their “fountain” hairstyle…..


Challenging Challenge

Last week my friend Angela comes to me during lunch with this “Great Idea”. She was reading this blog where this girl decides to wear her hair in different styles each day of the week. My face instantly is:


She convinces me somehow with a lot of:



Eventually we end at:


We’re officially on day 2 and this is what I’ve come up with for the massive curly mess upon my head:

Day 1(a pretty basic bun):


Day 2(a side pinned 80’s-ish homage)


We’ll see what happens with days 3-5…..but knowing me, it won’t last. It’s difficult to do something everyday with this hair. More than 5 minutes spent on hair could be dangerous. My 2 and 6 year old could demolish and rebuild a whole city in that time. Can you imagine what they’d do to the living room?