From the mouth of Jasmine….

Anyone who meets my little girl, Jasmine, knows she is a Diva. Always has been, always will be, and I see us bumping heads when she is a teenager as a result.

I have to say for all her “DIVANESS”, the child cracks me up!

A few months back, we were at the convenience store in the local mall. The gentleman behind the counter happened to be wearing a turban- growing up in NYC, this isn’t something that I really took note of- people are different, you just respect it and move on. ANYWAY, my lil Diva had apparently never seen anyone wearing a turban, I noticed this because she got SILENT the moment we walked into the store. Of course I tried to distract her and figured I’d explain the whole turban thing when we left the store. Nonetheless, she stared, with HUGE saucer eyes the entire time. I mean, STARED, like she’d just found a mountain of candy. By the time we were at the counter, I just kept speaking to her to avoid her saying anything that I knew would embarrass us all- to no avail. The moment I paused, when the gentleman gave me my total and change, THIS is when the silent Jasmine piped up. “Um, mommy… that man a Genie?” I had my change in hand, Jasmines hand in the other, and walked as fast as I could for the exit. At this point she’s telling me, she wants to get her wishes if he is a genie.

Another crack up moment came just yesterday. We were at a pool party, where she was conversing with her other 6 & 7 year old friends. She called out my name in search of her towel,

little girl: “oh, where is your mom”
Jasmine: “she’s right there”(points to me)
Little girl: “she’s really pretty”
Jasmine: ” well, she uses Mary Kay….let’s get back in the pool”

The kid cracks me up. We have our days of complete mortification, and days of full on laughter. My kids are the best!



Time is a flyin’

I can’t believe 2009 is almost out of the door. This year has FLOWN by at speeds unheard of. So fast that I haven’t even had time to blog lately. I guess….I’ll need to be catching up on my life.

In the meantime, I’d like the share this toooo cute pic of my babies:

It’s been 12 days….

12 days ago I went from being mother of 1 to being mother of 2….WHAT A TRANSITION!

On October 15th, after 5 hours, I gave birth to this little 7lb 3oz 20″ long miracle:

Picture 260Picture 264Picture 270Picture 280

Terrell Xavier is his name and I’m absolutely IN LOVE.

Frustrated….annoyed….and plain old miserable…..


Well, Friday morning I began having contractions that were very consistent and coming every 7-10 minutes apart…then on my last bathroom trip, I had
some a big gross blob of mucousy, bloody discharge and became a bit concerned. I called my
midwife and she said it was probably my mucus plug, but to go to Labor & Delivery for
monitoring(she thought maybe my water had broken) because I was
probably in labor.

SO…we went in and the midwife on staff didn’t seem
convinced that I was having contractions because I was calm through
them. THIS pissed me off royally, because I was the same with my daughter at
8cm and almost ready to go. The contractions were registering, but not
very strong….then they tapered off to 20 mins apart…They sent us on
a walk(which by the way, I thought it was just “off” that the radiology department is on the same floor as L&D- ie radioactive areas + pregnant women). We returned with stronger more frequent contractions- then they
stopped. SO…I was sent home.

I’m STILL having contractions
every 10, 15, or 20 mins, and now just absolutely miserable as a result. WALKING
isn’t helping them to be more regular and I nearly killed poor Andrew with just a look
for suggesting that we do anything else to get these contractions more

Technically, I’ve officially been laboring for 3 days and I’m getting really tired of it. I guess the only good thing that has come of this is that I’ve been able to get a few good meals and some rest in before the “big event”(though I’m convinced I’ll be pregnant forever and still be carrying around a teenager in utero).

OK…I’m done, I just needed to vent a bit.