Fit For a Prince

A really good friend of mine, V, is having a baby, and GUESS WHO the godmother is?!?!?

ME! That’s right, folks, someone thinks it’s a good idea to entrust me with their child and has essentially made me part of their family. AWESOME! 

The first order of business as a Godmother is to work out the baby shower,  etc…  When she told me she was pregnant,  I IMMEDIATELY started planning. Maybe I’m crazy, but I like to be prepared.  Initially,  I was into the Batman vs. Superman hype. I got caught up. And as the parent of a 6 year old superhero, that’s not hard to do. 

When we REALLY started planning, that idea fell away and the “Little Prince” theme was born! 

As the crafty friend, my job was to handle the details, and the cake. 

My natural first pick on the cake was Susie, aka The Florida Cake Lady, aka awesome owner and cake artist extraordinaire at Susie’s Scrumptious Sweets. You’ve NEVER had cake until you’ve had one of Susie’s masterpieces. What my friend wanted was a simple 2 layer cake in the satin blue, with gold accents. I’m a bit more go big or go home kinda gal, so I stuck with the idea and added a layer. Especially for a shower where 60+ people have RSVP’d.  So I went BIG and added candy and balloons for this masterpiece.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Yes, I know! This was an elegant affair. Gold draping from the ceiling, etc…. there was a “final draft” to the cake table, which I thought the professional photographer got, but we won’t go there. Anyway…..

For the idea of the pergola/canopy, you need awesome chairs. My immediate thought were these amazing chairs that V had in her backyard. Ok, amazing may be an over exaggeration. She told me I was crazy but said, “Ok, Martha Stewart, come on over and Mary Poppins these chairs that you think are so perfect”

I picked up these magnificent chairs, took them apart and got to work. Now…the chairs are fabric and wood. And I’m NOT a reupholstery expert, but I know paint. I’ve read many wow makeovers where paint has made such a difference in fabric furniture and knew this was the direction I was taking. 
First, 2 coats of white chalk paint to fade out any stains, discoloration,  and mostly that awful green color.

I spraypainted the wood in gold, then I was ready to apply the magnificent satin blue….which was rather appropriately named, “Flashy Sapphire”.


 I used regular latex paint, but sprayed the fabric with a 1 part fabric softener and 2 parts water mixture to keep it from getting STIFF. I also sanded between coats and finished it with a sealer. They feel like leather and I LOVE that the upholstery texture/design came through so well.

The thrones for mom and dad were DONE!
 Now for the odds, ends, and centerpieces. I had some leftover gold paint, giant bottles, and ideas aplenty. The day or 2 before the shower, looked like this:

Yes, those are all dollar store trinkets and lions (from amazon) spray painted gold.

The centerpieces were painted, ribboned and complete. My aunt made these awesome pacifier balloons to go everywhere and the party was HAD. Food was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and we all had a BLAST. (I just wish the photographer had been more competent and provided pics for me to show you how well it all came together, but again….we won’t go there). 

Maybe someone has pics I can grab to show you how FABULOUS it all turned out!