The End Of The 80’s

After nearly 3 years, I’ve FINALLY decided to get rid of the last of our 80’s wallpaper and HIDEOUS vertical blinds.  They’ve done the trick, and blocked out the sun while providing lots of privacy, however, they NEED to go.  The fact that  my son hit them with an exercise ball and caused them to collapse, certainly helps. 🙂

What I started out with was….I don’t even know.  Just look….


So….I realized I don’t have a picture of it without a Christmas tree in front of it. And for good reason. I mean…just LOOK!

Anyway, here’s the aftermath of it being knocked down.


As you see, this room is bare. Hence why playing with a ball in the house to knock it down in the first place isn’t exactly “taboo”.

Anyway, I pulled it all down and began stripping the remainder of the wallpaper.




The plan here is to paint just the “cove” area and put the curtains up for now. Then I’ll figure out a real plan for this room….maybe…

After roughly 2 coats of paint, here’s what I ended up with:


I decided to paint over the metal in the middle of the windows as well.  The room is now so amazingly bright!

I found some basic Levan curtains at Ikea, and hung up 155″ inches of curtain. It took 6 panels to cover the window, but I’m pretty happy with the end result. I also left them a little long for now, since there is some flooring to take place and I don’t know how the length will look once complete.



Now on to tackle the rest of the room….and the garden. 🙂


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