Chalk Paint Pass or Fail

I’ve been looking for a TV stand for a while now, and I wanted something with some COLOR.   I really like this one from Target:

Nice deep red TV stand, via Target

Thing is, it’s over $200 and NOT in the budget.  What I did find were a few lovelies from Craigslist and Offerup.  After taking many measurements, getting “already sold it” messages, and a bit of frustration, I found this gal for $20:

20151017_180150[1]Not exactly what I was looking for, but I saw the potential, AND it was $20.  I mean, that’s almost FREE.  Anyway, I also wanted to experiment with this chalk paint that everyone is raving about and if I messed up a $20 piece, no biggie!  I didn’t want to distress this piece in any way, but I wanted some texture and rich color, which chalkpaint seems to offer.

The prices on chalk paint, are pretty ridiculous, so I used a plaster of paris, water, and latex paint recipe that I found online and went to work.  What I got was this:



BRIGHT pink, Super-Dee Duper PINK, Barbie Dreamhouse Pink, Pinker-than-any-panther-EVER pink….I text my good friend C with an, “OMG, WHAT HAVE I DONE” type text and then watched as it dried.  And BOY does this paint dry quickly.  It remained a deep fuchsia and I decided that maybe I should go darker, but left it overnight to see if there was some miracle that could save it and if not, I was going to just paint it black and move on(blah!).

The next morning, I awoke to this, and I could hear angels singing, birds chirping, etc….


I gave it another coat to fill in the color changes and reviewed my options for sealing it.  Now, what I see of chalk paint is that it’s sealed using finishing wax, but that idea scares me.  I don’t want that waxy finish necessarily, and I don’t want to re-wax this every few months.  If I seal it with a polycrylic, then I don’t have to seal it again- ever.  ALSO, should I decide to repaint this ever again, I won’t have to strip the wax from it first.  With that said, polycrylic it is! And, voila!


I added gray on the inside for some interest, but kept the shelves the same color as the unit

tv stand

ALL DONE(now to just fix those cables….and setup the speakers….and….whatever….)

I think this came out very well, I just wish it was bigger.  It’ll work for now and it was a great experimental project for $20.  Paint and supplies were an additional $8 since I had much of it already on hand.  That’s a FAR cry from the $200 unit at Target, so it’s like I saved $173!

I also learned a bit about chalk paint.  I like it. I like it A LOT.  I also learned that it’s a bit more absorbent than standard latex paint.  So it’ll go on over just about anything, but it may absorb any residue from below it.  There was a stain(oil of some sort) on the top of this unit that never quite went away even though I cleaned it before I started. It’s fine though, I think it gives it some character. 🙂

Moral of the story is: It’s just paint don’t panic.  And maybe chalk paint isn’t ideal for every project.(but it worked awesome for this one!!!)