Inspiration & Messages From The Universe

Over the past few months I’ve been slowly making changes. I started working out, and simply choosing to make more of my time. Its been amazing.

I’ve a really good friend of mine that is also in need of inspiration and that extra PUSH. Together we’ve lamented over wine, and gimlets, and tacos, and…whatever else you can shove in your mouth and digest. Anyway….

The latest venture has been this intense mission to find her an antique desk to work with and convert her extra room into an office. Naturally I’m alllll for it! Ideally we’d find something and convert it into something like this:


Beautiful creation i found on Pinterest.

The other day while perusing thrift stores on my lunch break(this is my relaxation hour), I came across IT. THE PERFECT DESK.


Our eyes met, and it was love at first sight! I frantically sent my friend a text and proclaimed its perfectness for all of our perfectly planned Pinteresting!

I bought it right then and picked it up this morning.

Its amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I got it to her house and it seems that the mere sight of that desk was instant inspiration for us both. We cleaned and made space for it as her husband admired it, and pulled out all the drawers to make sure no one stashed a million dollars in it.(side note: this man is awesome. He met me at the thrift store and maneuvered this heavy desk into my lil SUV singlehandedly)

He didn’t find any lost millions, but what he did find was this:



Maybe its a little hokey or superstitious, but I think the universe’s intentions with us are VERY clear in light of the changes she and I both have for the  coming month.

Just makes you want to take a deep breathe and take in all that life has to offer.

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