Hug Your Babies Tight

This won’t be one of my happiest posts, I’m sure…but I’ve got to post it.

Recently I learned that a coworker of mine lost her son. Not only did she have to bury her child, but she had to make the decision to take him off of life support after an asthma attack left him brain dead. To see your child go from happy, healthy college student, to putting him in the ground… a parent, I can’t imagine anything worse in this world.

I’m so amazed by these little people that I’ve been so blessed to bear, and whom God saw fit for me to care for. There are times in your life that make you hug your babies tighter than ever, and this is definitely one of them.

It’s a hard thing to hear a person cry, but the worst sound in the world is the wail of a mother that has lost her child. Over the past month, there have been 3 people around me that have had to deal with such a horrible experience, and more than anything I have to admire their strength. I wouldn’t know what else to do, but lay down and die beside them.

My children are my very heartbeat, and my life. I don’t know what I did before they existed, but there’s no way that it could have been of any importance.

I have to say, I’m so incredibly thankful for the time I have with my children(even when they are beating each other up, or complaining that one or the other is breathing on them, etc….). For every moment that I am truly blessed to be their parent….. I. Am. Thankful.

PS: I would post a pic, but I’m now handing over my iPad to my 2-yr-old because he wants to play “anky buds on yo iPad”, translation, “Angry Birds on your iPad”. Yeah, the iPad is expensive….but it doesn’t cost more than my child’s happiness.


From the mouth of Jasmine….

Anyone who meets my little girl, Jasmine, knows she is a Diva. Always has been, always will be, and I see us bumping heads when she is a teenager as a result.

I have to say for all her “DIVANESS”, the child cracks me up!

A few months back, we were at the convenience store in the local mall. The gentleman behind the counter happened to be wearing a turban- growing up in NYC, this isn’t something that I really took note of- people are different, you just respect it and move on. ANYWAY, my lil Diva had apparently never seen anyone wearing a turban, I noticed this because she got SILENT the moment we walked into the store. Of course I tried to distract her and figured I’d explain the whole turban thing when we left the store. Nonetheless, she stared, with HUGE saucer eyes the entire time. I mean, STARED, like she’d just found a mountain of candy. By the time we were at the counter, I just kept speaking to her to avoid her saying anything that I knew would embarrass us all- to no avail. The moment I paused, when the gentleman gave me my total and change, THIS is when the silent Jasmine piped up. “Um, mommy… that man a Genie?” I had my change in hand, Jasmines hand in the other, and walked as fast as I could for the exit. At this point she’s telling me, she wants to get her wishes if he is a genie.

Another crack up moment came just yesterday. We were at a pool party, where she was conversing with her other 6 & 7 year old friends. She called out my name in search of her towel,

little girl: “oh, where is your mom”
Jasmine: “she’s right there”(points to me)
Little girl: “she’s really pretty”
Jasmine: ” well, she uses Mary Kay….let’s get back in the pool”

The kid cracks me up. We have our days of complete mortification, and days of full on laughter. My kids are the best!