The Good Old Days

Do you remember the very first cd, album, etc you bought? How it made you feel?

My mom will proudly tell you it was Rose Royce….

I can’t help but to think what our kids will remember…..will it be the first song they downloaded? The answer as I’ve discovered is, “NO”. I asked our 17-yr-old intern at work if he remembers what he first downloaded, and he couldn’t recall. I asked my 17-yr old stepdaughter and she also couldn’t recall.

I know that a good portion of what I remember in life is from my childhood, and relishing all those “first” memories. It seems like with everything being instant, ADHD, fast-zoom-bang-right-now, our children don’t have many memories to look forward to…..

I’ve nearly made it my mission to insure that my kids remember it all! Days at the park, running and jumping on the beach, and more….I just hope that maybe they’ll remember the good things and have the “firsts” that are worth remembering.

For the record, my first cd was Another Bad Creation… contained the driving force behind me wanting to change my name to “Iesha”.