QotD: Run Away

Did you ever run away from home?

NOPE! I thought I would one day, and my mom caught me and started helping me pack. Then she said, “You don’t have to run, you can walk- I won’t chase you, I promise”.

Then I decided that my mother was crazy and I’d better stay for the sake of my younger siblings…


Maybe a baby ANY day now!

So, I officially have 29 days left which freaks me out completely, but according to my Dr at my appointment last Thursday it could be any day now.  The reason being is that I'm 3cm dialated and the baby is pretty much in position and ready to go.  He's at what they call a 0 station, this basically means that he's dropping and is more on the way out than staying in.

In any case….I could go into labor at any point over the next 2 weeks(my Dr says 1, but we'll see what happens).  I'm actually officially supposed to be on bedrest or light duty…..but I've never been one to really follow through with these kinds of things.  For me….that's defined as "working at home".

Today is SOOO not the day…..

I'm having one of those days where I just know that if anyone comes to my desk complaining about anything, I'm going to friggin' SNAP.  I'm fully aware that it's completely hormonal, so I'm keeping to myself and being as quiet as possible to avoid me blowing up at anyone.

I'm just ABSOLUTELY miserable……

My neck, back and shoulders hurt and I wish I had some sort of cutout in my desk for my stomach right now- that alone would ease the neck and back thing. When I sit comfortably away from my desk to where my stomach isn't touching it(and the baby isn't kicking it), I tend to lean forward a bit so my arms, shoulders, and back are even further aggravated- I mean it's not like I'm Stretch Armstrong or Mr(s) Fantastic or anything…..having those super stretchy abilities would certainly be helpful right now…..

I think I need a nice long nap…..and some chocolate.

I'm done with my rant for the moment- I'm going to go back to being miserable and hoping that no one truly bothers me today.  I should put up a sign:



My Shocking Revelation Of the CENTURY

This morning…..

After I took our dinner from the freezer(lasagna that I prepared this weekend to thaw and cook later in the week.  I also made a Shepard's Pie, Stuffed Chicken Breast with rice and broccoli, baked mac & cheese, and 3 quarts of spaghetti sauce to use later in the week or even next week)…..then washed the few dishes my dear hubby left in the sink….swept and mopped the floor…..ironed my clothes…..ironed my little ones clothes….

Anyway….after doing all of that…I started preparing my daughter's lunch for the day.  Just as I was cutting the  her sandwich into the shape of a heart, a revelation came to me….

I'M SOMEONE'S MOM! And I'm about to do it again!  It happens from time to time, and it totally shocks me every single time like it was brand new.

I mean, who's idea was this anyway?  I feel sometimes like, WOW…..it was for some reason bestowed upon me by some divine power to guide and protect another life and make sure that this person turns out to be a productive member of society.