Happy Birthday to my BIG girl!

It's been 4 years!  4 whole years since my first little bundle of joy was born.  She's gone from being a blob of sleepy, hungry, pooping person

To a little person full of personality….

6 months old1 year old

And now….a 4 year old big girl!


QotD: What Makes You Feel Sexy?

What makes you feel sexy?
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My superpower of growing babies!

There's something about being pregnant that gives you a different view of things.  I've gained 20+ lbs and I still feel great about my body….huge belly, swollen ankles, and all….but I still feel pretty damned sexy!  I'm pretty secure knowing that I'm growing another life inside of me and I get the perks of the "glow"….amazing skin, fuller breasts, big booty(which is culturally an A-OK think for me), thick thighs, and glossy hair. How could you NOT feel sexy with all of that going on?

For the body conscious, ‘cankles’ offer another focus for obsession – CNN.com

I read this article and it's just a reminder that people will find ANYTHING wrong, just to make themselves unhappy.

Be happy with what you've got and stop wasting your life obsessing over something so trivial!

Holy Crap! 60 Days!

It just dawned on me when I logged into my babyfit site…..that I have only 60 days remaining.  60 days! That's completely insane!

I feel so unprepared now- even though I have pretty much everything.  Oh well….I'm sure he'll get here when he gets here and everything will be out of place until he's at least a year old.  And I'm ok with that.


After reading this story….I think to myself, whatever happened to personal responsibility?  I mean, it's tragic that this kid lit himself on fire and the consequences could have been worse- but he's not a 5 year old and his common sense should be a bit more developed than this.

It just upsets me that the mother feels that YouTube is partially to blame.  NO- your child is to blame.  He's old enough to know the basics…."don't play with fire"…."gasoline will ignite".  He did a stupid thing….own it!  Don't put the blame on this on anyone else.  If my kid does something stupid….then I feel the blame is on me as the parent.  I must have missed something, so the blame is mine and his- no one else's.  If you feel like your child is too impressionable- then it becomes your job to monitor what he/she is doing and to teach him/her that playing with fire is probably NOT the best idea. 

My 3yr old is being taught fire safety in preschool- unless this kid managed to miss that week of school every year since then, he got the same education and he made the decision to copy the stupidity that he saw.  Granted….some of the videos on youtube can be pretty dangerous if put in the wrong hands- but again…..as a parent it's YOUR responsibility to watch your children.