2 Whole Years……

Today is July 31st….I thought that my heart would simply stop with the news that I received @3am, 2 years ago today.  There's nothing in this world that can prepare you to hear that anyone has passed away- even if it's "expected". 

I lost my grandmother on this day and I think I've finally gotten to where there is some degree of normalcy in my life concerning her.  This just means that the fighting over what she may have had in assets has simply calmed down and people have stopped bothering ME about it.

I've finally laid my grandmother to rest, but still miss her dearly.  The feeling of missing NEVER goes away, it just gets put off or distracted by daily life- then it's back again FULL BLAST.  I wish I could call her and just say, "hello"…..or hear her singing in the morning as she did when she was getting ready, spraying her White Linen perfume….or on rough mornings where she lay coaxing herself out of bed with a, "Get up, Bunty".

Though I miss her and today's date only brings those missing feelings to the forefront, I've promised myself that I won't let it get the best of me and I WILL NOT be in a state of melancholy all day long.  I'll instead be happy, keeping in mind some of the greatest and happiest memories….all day…..knowing that I got to meet and live my life with such a wonderful person.


Party Planning

For as long as I can remember party planning has never been my forté.  This year however I need to plan something really special for my daughter's 4th Birthday.  Mostly because it's her last time being "the baby" of the family AND she hasn't had a real party since her 1st birthday…..and I feel like she's going to feel slighted.  I know she's only going to be 4 and she probably won't even think of it….but I just want this party to be special.  As to what we do….I'm lost!

Her birthday is a month and a half away, so I have at least 3-4 weeks before I need to get invitations out.  So I have time(says the great procrastinator).

Next year we'll be planning huge parties……the oldest of the bunch will be 16, my daughter will be 5, and baby will be 1.  I guess I better put my party planning hat on and get started- especially on saving up for all of this.