QotD: Everywhere Has Its Problems

What prevents your city/town from being the best place in the country to live?
Submitted by Cherney.

Well….it's not like Coral Springs, Florida is a huge Hot Spot or anything….but it is a great place to live.  The schools are all A or B grade, so we have some of the best test scores in the county/state, the homes are nice, there are a million restaurants on one strip(all within walking distance), and we have plenty of parks and scenery and overall….things to do. 

The crime rate is pretty low(as a matter of fact, we had a situation where a police officer was shot recently and nothing like that has happened since the 70's). The city still has a bit of "newness" to it, and it's constantly changing year to year so it never gets old.  We also have annual parades, carnivals, fairs, and a circus that come through here.  It's just overall…..nice.

What makes it not the best place to live would be the "everything in Coral Springs is better" attitude that many of the people living here have, mostly because there is a huge population of snobs.  This being that most of the city is well-to-do where the average family makes almost 80K per year, less than 6% is considered poverty level, and every driveway has a luxury car or some sort.  Aside from the snobs…..there's the problem with accessibility to rest of the world.  We have a great little expressway that is just west of us, but there isn't a way for you to get eastward very easily.  So….a day at the beach becomes a chore, there are pools just about everywhere that almost make up for that, but sometimes you want to get some sand between your toes.


Food Network: The Place Pregnancy Cravings are Born

Last week we were watching Food Network and I'm pretty sure that it's something I'll never do again over the next 3 1/2 months.

I have an budding chef/foodie in my home who watches food network at every chance.  Most times the shows are pretty interesting and you end up getting drawn in, which was the case on this particular day.  After watching an episode of  Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and seeing a diner serve cheese-filled, bacon-wrapped, burgers….the thought came to me!

The result:

But a burger just isn't complete without all the fixings.  The finished product:

Let me just say…..the heart-attack-on-a-platter, or what we've dubbed in my house "Fat Girl Burgers"…..were AMAZING!

117 days left……WOW, time flies!

According to babyfit, I now have 117 days remaining until my due date.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I'm almost at the point where I begin to freak out because my "mental cushion" regarding how much time I have to get my $hit together for this baby is about to be pulled from under me.  In approximately 117 days, I'll have a baby in my arms, and I promise you it freaks me out just as much as it did the first time around.  I guess you never really quite get used to some things…..

Week 23: Your Moods, They are A-Swingin'

Your Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy
— By BabyFit

Your Baby This Week

Your baby weighs about a pound (.45 kg) and is approximately 8 inches
(20 cm) long. No more fruit comparisons–now he looks like a perfect,
little doll!

Although his skin is still wrinkled, it's starting to plump
out as he continues to gain weight and develop more fat. He looks more
and more like a "real" baby now, but sometimes the fine hair covering
your baby's body grows a little dark around this time.

Your Body This Week

the weight of your uterus once again shifts to rest on your bladder,
you may have more problems holding urine. But be aware that a "gush" of
liquid or constant leaking could mean that you are losing amniotic
fluid, and you should call your doctor right away. You may also
experience some emotional mood swings–unexpected highs and lows and
maybe even some tears or fears. Emotional swings are linked to normal
hormone activity and should pass as your pregnancy progresses. If not,
mention it to your doctor.

Regular Vitamins vs Prenatal Vitamins

The main difference for me seems to be that one makes me want to vomit, and the other doesn't

What is it about prenatal vitamins that make you want to vomit? I don't remember to take them very often but when I do, the results are the same. It doesn't matter what brand/type/shape/size my Dr gives me to sample, they all have the same effect- extreme nausea followed by projectile vomit.

I think at my next appointment I'll let them know that I won't even try to take anymore of their terrible vitamins and I'll just make it a point to eat foods that are good for me, same as I did with my daughter.  They always try to terrify you saying that you need to take them "for the baby".  I'm pretty sure that my great grandmother, grandmother, and mother didn't take prenatal vitamins- so…..why is it really necessary for me to do so?  They gave birth to a combined total of 17 perfectly healthy babies that had no neural tube defects, bone diseases, juvenile diabetes, etc…..so WHY is it necessary, really?

I'm going to completely forgo spending $30/month on vitamins that only make me puke.  They end up sitting in my medicine cabinet for a year after the baby is born, only to be discarded.

Oh well…..that is my rant for the day.  Now that I've officially emptied my stomach- I'm off to find some worthwhile tacos.

I’m bringing sexy back…..

Or at least that's what I've fooled myself into thinking.  Since my weight is only going up right now and I'm certifiably a linebacker- I've covered the "lbs" with a label that says "Sexy".  I know….it's absolutely insane- but when you're 5'6" and used to it being closer to 165(on my skinny- before the holidays) to 178(after the holidays) and it now reads closer to 200…..sexy is the way to think of it!

THAT is a whole lotta sexy!

Drivers that Don’t Learn Their Lessons

This is just my very random thought for the day……

As I went out for lunch, there was this "phenomenon" that I ran across at least 3 times.  There's that driver you see about to do something REALLY stupid, like cut you off JUST as you approach them because they hesitated at a turn too long and RIGHT where you would hit them…..there's already a dent and it becomes all too evident as to how it got there.

Again, another person with a dent(on the front passenger side) traveling in my blind spot…..then has the nerve to speed up the very moment I put my indicator on……

OR…..the car with the totally ruined rear bumper that brakes so that the rear of the car goes upward and it jolts back and forth before they continue……and all of that because the car in front of them slowed down a bit.

If you are guilty of any of the above…..for the safety and well being of everyone else on the road- burn your license and sell your car for what it's worth!