Vox Hunt: Something on a Stick

Today is "Something on a Stick Day." So go for it… show us something on a stick!

Suddenly I have a strong hankering for some corndogs……mmmmmm…..

I think I'll be introducing my 3-year-old to the lovely world of junk food tonight.


Only 211 Days to go!

According to my pregnancy site of choice(www.babyfit.com) I have as of today's date 211 days to go before my actual due date and my baby has the beginnings of fingers and toes and is about the size of a grape……

I just wanted to share just how much this site ROCKS!  I used it quite frequently when I was pregnant with my daughter and I have been checking in over the past 3 years with the other September 2005 Mommies and babies.  We have our own little community where we talked about our pregnancies, husbands, children, etc…..and it was just great.

The crazy thing is that we all still keep up with one another and do a gift exchange every year for the Holidays and send each other birthday cards.  I remember loving this group of people so much because we were literally all over the world but it was strange that we had such a connection because we were all pregnant.  From this group many ideas were born and some of the ladies found creative outlets…..such as finding the gusto to open a store, start a successful parenting magazine, and baby wraps.

I've gone back to the site and found a new home where maybe I'll create some of the same bonds as I did last time around.  It's just great to gripe with a bunch of other women that are experiencing what you are all at the same time….I guess that whole "misery loves company" rings true here……but it's still wonderful!