Tradeshows are The Devil….

….As are Girl Scouts and anything else that forces you to consume too much yummy goodness in a week.

Yes World, I too have lost it over my weight.  Not quite.  I'm still happy with me regardless as to what size I am, but I like to fit comfortably into my clothing.  When the pants get tight, I just put on the "voluptuous jeans", these are what everyone else calls "fat jeans" then after a few days, said jeans become too large and that's that.

As of late, this hasn't been the case.  I've been at a tradeshow where our business partners have taken us to breakfasts, lunches, and dinners AND those damned Girl Scouts are everywhere with those amazing cookies.  I've decided that for my general health and well being, I can stand to lose a pound or 2 and not kill myself doing it.

I've been working out on a regular basis and changing my eating habits slightly(ie eating only 1 girls scout cookie instead of the whole box), and just making an extra effort to be healthier.

Thus far, I've noticed some plus's… the past week I've dropped 5lbs(so those jeans are a little looser now), my skin looks GREAT(and it's not just because of my Mary Kay products), and I have slept SO soundly.  As crazy as it seems 1 week isn't really enough time to gauge anything, but I'm already feeling the benefits of making a few small changes.

Fortunately I have great tools:
1)lazy exercises- watching TV while I use my mini-stepper
2) hard core exercise- those lovely Tuesday and Thursday workouts provided by the personal trainer that my job provided for us AND that insane woman by the name of Denise Austin
3)– I'm able to track what I eat AND my activities and I know the secret of losing a pound(3500 calories is equal to 1lb, so I have to burn 3500 more calories
than I eat on a daily basis TO LOSE ONE MEASLEY pound)

I'm good….I know that last one seems difficult, but you burn about 1,500 calories just living!  I figure once I get back into my normal jeans, I'll be even better.


Guess who’s BIZZZZZACK!

Yes…it's me!

I've been away from blogging for the past week because I've been preparing for an annual conference that my company attends.  I prepared, went through, and am now recooperating….

We went to BICSI and it was as always….very interesting.  We had a booth setup and managed to get over 200 leads for the show.  Now considering that attendance was smaller this year, it was a GREAT show.

Anyway….I'll certainly tell more later….I'm going to continue to recoup and maybe I'll be able to blog a bit tomorrow….

QotD: Winter Activities

What's your favorite winter activity?

WELL….when it drops down to 60°F in South Florida…..I like to take my daughter to the park and let her play….

Or do some traveling…

Mostly, I just like to stay at home with all of the windows open and enjoy not having to use the AC…..THAT is the LIFE!