Junk Email Just Keeps Getting Worse…

So the craziest one for the day is this:

Subject: Now you can poke your big impressing tool into everybody's business

Body: Women would love to lick your stick more than a candy.



Because it wasn’t yummy…

"Because it wasn't yummy"…..THIS is the response that I kept getting when asking my 3-year old WHY she would swallow a penny.  YES….the child swallowed a penny.

Last year she had me wondering Why a 2 year old would want to put anything their nose….this year, it's WHY would anyone want to eat a penny?

She apparently swallowed it last night, but we didn't believe her.  I know it sounds like horrible parenting to not believe your child…..but when it's bedtime and she comes to you with the following excuses to not go to bed:

-I'm thirsty, can I have some water?
-I'm scared…..
-The window is breathing….
-It's cold in my room….
-The teddy bear is looking at me funny…

"I swallowed a penny", sounds pretty crazy.  We were of course, very cautious, we checked her mouth and scoped out her room for any errant pennies…..then removed her piggy bank that she said she took it from. I even googled "what to do if a child swallows a penny".  She didn't have any breathing problems, wasn't vomiting, and wasn't complaining of any pain- so Andrew and I figured it was just another ploy to stay up late.  So we all went to bed.

In the morning, Jasmine came straight to me and said, "Mommy, my tummy hurts because I swallowed a penny".  I was quite alarmed…..so I got dressed and off to the ER we were.  I explained to the Dr's the whole thing and told them that I didn't think she actually swallowed anything because of the whole not wanting to go to bed thing AND her being a HUGE Drama Queen.

Every nurse and Dr interviewed her and asked her how she felt and what hurt and what she swallowed.  The story was pretty consistent each time, so I started to believe it.  I was still in disbelief until I saw the X-Ray. There is a distinctly perfectly round shape in her intestines.  SO….due to it's location, we have to simply wait it out.

Now we have 2 very interesting stories to tell my daugther's dates when they come over.

QotD: Does that make me craazy?

On this day in 1888, Vincent van Gough cut off his left ear. In keeping with that spirit, what's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Are you serious?  The question would be, who's the crazy one that came up with this.  A man cutting off his own ear because of his disease is NOT FUNNY. He probably cut it off because he was tired of hearing BS.

I can completely understand…the BS in this question almost makes me want to gouge my eye out! What a stupid question.

AND you could at least have the decency to spell his name correctly….it's Gogh.