Death really sucks!

So….November 23 is my grandmother's birthday.  The worst thing in the world is remembering a birthday of someone who is no longer around.  This isn't someone who's moved to another country….she' s gone-forever. 

I took her some flowers today, the ones that she loved to get on her birthday since they were at stores already, Poinsettias. There's no way to describe how you feel when you visit the grave of someone that you were so close to.  I miss her all the time and I have to wonder, does this get easier?  It's been over a year now since my grandmother passed away and the pain hasn't dulled.

When I think about her, I cry.  Knowing that today is her birthday and I won't be able to bring her cake, balloons, and gifts and SEE HER SMILE.  That's the thing I miss the most.  The laughter and smiles…..

Happy Birthday G-Ma!


Clowns, Crown, and Crayons

So….yesterday we went to a birthday party…..Ok….we TRIED to go to a birthday party.  Tried meaning, we got lost, then we got found, then we got lost again….then lost some more.  By the time i gave up, the party was over an hour ago, so the girls and I went to IHop….and we discovered another strange speaking thing that my daughter has- clowns, crowns and crayons all sound EXACTLY the same:

Clowns, Crowns, and Crayons

I also had the nieces with me- and I now know that they love the "old school" jams:

Crazy Children at iHop

We had no birthday party…..but we had FUN!

Vox Hunt: Stuck in the Middle

Show us a book you started reading, but never finished.

See…raising the spirited child is pretty damned difficult.  Reading a book around said Spirited Child is even harder.  When I read, she finds ways to express herself artistically on the walls and carpet(yes….she DRAWS on the carpet now! who does that?)

QotD: Under the Tree

What gifts, big or small, are you hoping to find under your tree this year?
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If someone puts a box of Sanity under there….I'll be pretty happy.

OOOh….or maybe some brand new Mary Kay Customers!  THAT would make me really happy.

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QotD: Surviving the Holiday Hustle & Bustle

Parties, dinners, pageants and more. How does technology help you survive the hustle and bustle of the holidays?
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Well…I have great little reminders that I get sent that allow me to remember everything that's happening.  Pieces of paper at home get written on by a 3-yr old if happen to leave them anywhere within her reach- So the most efficient way of saving information is on a virtual calendar. I save all of my appointments, meetings, people's birthdays and other important dates and can keep track of EVERYTHING this way.