QotD: Backseat Driver

While driving, what's your biggest pet peeve?
Submitted by Alexandra

People who don't use their indicators make me INSANE.  They just abruptly stop and turn a corner in front of you, but don't bother to use the friggin' indicators.  The ones that sicken me the most are the ones that are behind you, then speed to go AROUND you to do this.  GRRRRRRRR!


Now that I've gotten that out….I feel better!


Early Voting, Mary Kay, and Moldy Bread….

I've been needing to blog lately since there is soooooooooooo much going on right now.

First off, voting.  I went Saturday and cast my vote early.  The whole process took almost 3 hours.  Yes….3 HOURS. But, I did it! I refused to let the line deter me. I came prepared though.  I brought bottled water and reading material just in case my line neighbors weren't very sociable.  It worked out great.  I stayed hydrated, got a mini-tan, and managed to give out a few of my MK catalogs and business cards.  When I got home, my daughter was very proud of my sticker because "it gots lotsa letters on it".  I feel better knowing that I've casted my vote.  I always felt that "what if" when I vote.  Like, "what if the whole election depended on my vote?", granted my 1 vote may not make a HUGE difference(If A few thousand people felt that way all at the same time, then the impact is felt).

Secondly….Mary Kay.  I know, some people around me are really tired of hearing about it, but I TRULY enjoy it.  I'm exceptionally happy about it right now because I met a challenge head on!  The company has what's called a 30 Faces Challenge. So you're challenged to put Mary Kay on the faces of 30 people in a 30 day period(not necessarily making them customers, but to do facials and makeovers).  I had a week where I didn't facial 1 person so I was behind.  Then the following week, I only gave 5 facials.  For my final week, I was met with the task of giving 16 facials in order to win this challenge.  I did 17! I felt great not because I facialed people, but because I had a challenge that I set my mind to and I met my goal.  Not only did I get that "WOOHOO" feeling you get when you get excited about something, BUT I was given a Mary Kay rolling tote as a prize.  Very awesome!  I'll have to post pics soon so You too can share in the joy of my amazing black and pink tote(ok, maybe you're not excited about it, but don't rain on my parade!). I'm having fun with my new hobby AND making a little extra money.

Also, we had our Fall Advance(basically a retreat, but "since we're always moving forward we call it an Advance").  Since I was part of the 650 club for last month, we had a slumber party.  I think this is the reason I really enjoy doing this.  I have a bunch of positive women around me that are making strides and doing great things with their lives.  We're like a giant Sorority and we party hard.  Since I kinda missed this by not going to college, I'm catching up on it now before I resume classes.

Lastly….moldy bread.  I listed to a fellow voxer's audio blog about her daughter's moldy bread science project and it brought back memories.  I remember learning how moldy oranges were the foundation for penicillin and tried to mold bread for my project.  I don't remember what the hypothesis was or anything like that.  What I do remember is how disgusted my mother was with the idea of me molding a piece of bread for a science project.  She kept going on about how gross it was going to be.  Then she stopped once I brought out the piece of moldy bread that she always keeps in the bread box.  Yes, MY mother keeps moldy bread in the bread box.  Apparently, there is some crazy superstition that my great grandmother passed on to her children and grandchildren that says "If you keep a piece of moldy bread in your home, you'll never go hungry".  Now, I always took that to mean that if you've nothing else in your home to eat, that moldy bread will look quite appetizing- so you'll be eating it-then you'll die, thus never going hungry.

Ok….that's all I have for today folks….back to work!

Wizard vs. Lizard

My little one is at an age where she speaks quite clearly and even strangers understand at least 95% of what she's saying.  However, she speaks a bit "Elmer Fudd-like".  Her R's, L's, and W's all sound the same, but it's really funny to the rest of us.  So, where we understand her, we try to correct her and make sure she hears the difference, but it doesn't always workout, as seen here….

There's a Wizard In My Room

QotD: The Dog Ate It

What's the best excuse you've ever heard?

Definitely the excuse I used a little more than 3 years ago.  I had an orthodontist's appointment and a book club meeting that I was really not interested in attending.  I called them up and said…"I'm not going to able to make it, I'm kinda in labor right now, so we're going to have to reschedule for another day".

Thing is….it was true!

The Dangers of Ice Cream Scoops

From very early on it was said that if there was any way to hurt myself with air, I could do it.  I've just always been that accident prone kid.  And I've proved it many times over, and again about 2 nights ago….

I decided that I wanted some of the Rocky Road ice cream that I bought so I went to the freezer, took out the carton, got the ice cream scoop, bowl and spoon.  Now….I know what you're thinking….."There is NO WAY you can hurt yourself with this stuff".  Well, you're WRONG!

I scooped 2 scoops then licked the scoop. BAD idea.  My lip stuck the scoop because of the cold(think A Christmas Story, like the kid with his tongue stuck on the pole). 

I was stuck to an ice cream scoop.  Now….I didn't think I should run it under some water or just wait a few minutes for it to heat up a bit…I panicked and rip the thing off my lip.  As a result, I now have the dumbest injury I can think of….this line of pure pain on the inner part of my bottom lip.  Fortunately it's gone today….but I'll never look at an ice cream scoop the same way again.

QotD: Love at First Sight

What first attracted you to the person you're currently dating?

Great question.  Honestly, he saw me first and made his decision immediately.  I took some convincing.  The only reason that I spoke to him initially is because there was another really annoying, stalker-like guy hanging around my desk that would NOT go away(yes we met at work).  Then he just came up and politely introduced himself to me(with the other guy still standing there) and asked me my name.  I told him, he offered me a night out and Brian McKnight tickets….I was sold.  With the way this stalker guy was, Andrew could have asked me if I wanted to go cow tipping and I would have said yes just to get away.  Fortunately, he was a good guy from the beginning, otherwise we wouldn't be where we are now……7 years later.

I repudiate the world!

I've decided that I am now more than thoroughly SICK of the debates, elections, and everything having to do with them.  I don't even watch television anymore because EVERY channel shows a minimum of 5 election related mudslinging commercials.  I am Tiffani Carr and I'm tired of hearing about who's approving messages!


I've made my decision already and have decided that to further avoid this, I'll be casting my vote early on October 20th so that I no longer have to deal with the anticipation of voting…..

I'm done….

I've gotten it all out(mostly)…..I'm vented…..