Blasphemy of a 3-yr-old

As I put my daughter to bed last week, she said something that threw me off completely.  "Mommy, Can you help me find Jesus?"

When she first said it, I figured I was hearing things or just misunderstanding her(which happens often), but sure enough….."Mommy, I can't find Jesus!  Can you help me find him?"

My first thought was, What did she learn at Sunday School that confused her and she's now asking me for Jesus. After a second of thought, I asked her, "What does Jesus look like?", her response….."He's pink and white, and he sings when you press his tummy…..Jesus loves me this I know…."

I quickly realized that she was referring to a teddy bear she'd been given as a much smaller baby that sings "Jesus Loves Me".  Lately my child names all of her teddy bears and toys by some attribute of theirs that helps her to remember them.  This pink and white teddy bear is now named Jesus as a result.

Can a 3-yr old truly commit an act of blasphemy?

I've been calling this bear Pinky in an attempt to get her to change the name to something else……she's quite unmoved by my attempts and now insists on calling the bear "Jesus Loves Me"…..


Marketing ME

So, I've decided that I'm going to work on my html "skillz" so I can do some marketing for my new hobby…..the only thing I've managed to remember how to do is:

MK Offer

Yes…..I suck.

QotD: There’s a Monster in My Closet

What were you afraid of when you were younger that seems silly to you now?
Submitted by wandie

Dark corners!  When I was little, I remember at night being terrified of those little corners that have no light.  I would always feel like something was going to come out of the corner and get me. I would stare at the dark corners until I fell asleep at night. I eventually grew out of it when I decided that if someone/something was in the corner and I pointed at them and said, "I see you there", then they'd come out and be like, "Okay….okay….you got me!  I give up!".  I would still be afraid, but no one and nothing ever came out of the corner, so I discarded that fear.

THANK GOD that never happened because that would have made my fear quite legitimate.

Wonderful Weekend

Now that I have a moment and I'm not afraid that my home will lose power at any moment because there appears to be a monsoon outside, I figure I'll talk about the really incredible weekend I had.

It all started with my brunch. The night before I arranged for my sister in law to watch my daughter and then found out they would be going to Wannado City. GREAT!  After dropping her off, I went to this brunch in full Stepford Wife…er…um….Mary Kay Lady attire.  This brunch was simply a chance to do a bunch of makeovers, tell people about the products, and have a little "sistership".  The brunch essentially was a HUGE party.  There were Mary Kay Consultants from all over my local area and a few came from out of state.

The first thing that threw me were all of the pink Cadillacs parked in valet outside of the hotel.  There was no mistaken what was happening at this event.  The DJ that was hired played an array of music and the room atomosphere was amazing!  Everyone was buzzing and simply extatic to be there.  We also had a keynote speaker, Ms Kym Walker.  In the "World of Mary Kay", she is celebrity status!

Since Kym was in town(and happens to be really great friends with my director), she decided to attend my debut.  To hear that she would be there basically made my stomach knot up.  I know, it sounds silly, but it did.  Anyway…my first Mary Kay party was a blast. 

I even managed to convince Valerie and Emma to come back for our Mother/Daughter Picture Day!

Mildred doing Satin Lips....Here's one of the Satin Lips shots...The ladies at the MK PartyChristina-Cheesin'Valerie and Emma

After all was said and done, I had a great party.  It was an honor to have Kym swing by and congratulate me on starting my Mary Kay business.  Seeing where she is….19 years in the business….makes me want to try even harder. I mean some of the company perks are amazing(aside from the pink caddies…..there's jewelry….trips….etc…). 

At the MK PartyKym's Mary Kay "Bling"

Once the party was over, it was time to get back to real-life and my true task for the weekend.  I had to take my brother(who's been living with me over the past 2 years while he finished high school) to my parents house so they could send him off to college.  I think the great party I had helped to keep my spirits up about the whole thing.  I'm glad he's going to college,  it's a real accomplishment.  After this weekend and having to make that trip, I now understand why some parents cry when their children go off to school.  He's not my child, but I've had quite a hand in raising him, and it's always hard to let go.  I'll miss him while he's away, but I'm sure my constant prayers for him will make me feel like he's still right here.


Hurricanes, When Natural Disaster = Economic Stimulant

Currently we are experiencing an insane downpour caused by Hurricane Fay.  Me, like many other South Floridians notice a trend when this happens…..the shelves are empty.  Due the economic situation, food and fuel prices are high, so people are not spending as much.  However, when there is a hurricane, people in Florida will risk overdrafting their accounts to make sure they have a stockpile in the event of the worst(almost the worst). 

Hurricane days warrant filling your gas tank, then making sure you have a few extra tanks to power up generators after the storm.  Also, since we have no power, most gas stations are unable to dispense gas.  Another thing that people do is withdraw massive amounts of money from their bank accounts- obviously without power ATM's are not functional either.

From my personal experience we usually spend anywhere between $200 to $300 to be truly prepared for the storm.  This means both cars full of gas and canned foods and water are stocked.  If the average home in Florida spends $300 in one day, imagine how much income that brings in for stores, manufacturers, etc….?