Music Speaks

There are sometimes you hear a song, and it just "speaks" to you.  Why, I don't know and never will, but I have this with some songs.  This would be my latest:

Alicia Keys-Sure Looks Good To Me


Vox Hunt: Let’s Disco!

Share the song that most makes you think of "disco."

bad girls

Let's Groove – Earth wind and fire –

Generally….anything Donna Summer or Earth, Wind, and Fire makes me think disco.

Oreos are the DEVIL!!!

No, I'm not some health nut. Not now, or ever for that matter.  I've been doing ok with my weight goals, but have plateaued and need to remotivate myself. But at the same time I fail to see how I can get back on track while consuming a pack of Oreo Cookies.  I was made painfully aware of my need to shed a pound or 2 after my trip to Jamaica 2 years ago. 

I felt great about myself until my 75 year old grandfather told me I looked "tough like a baked dumpling", which for the record, is not good.  Yes, it's a bit mean, but in Jamaica it's really not a a big deal.  Island Women are known for being a bit more voluptuous, so it's ok.  I still felt great.  But then I got home and got my pictures back.  THIS is what I saw:

Ok… I'm not insanely HUGE or anything, but this is the largest that I have ever been(not pregnant).  This was me at 186lbs in July '06.  Now at 165-ish, I'm trying desperately to not get back there.

SO….today I relapsed and ate a few Oreos, the world is not over.  I shall start anew…..

Tomorrow……after I finish eating every last Oreo.  🙂

Reviewing My 26 Years

After each birthday I, like many others, take some time to look back at where I've been and where I'd like to go in the coming years.

All of my birthday celebrations, gains and losses(of weight, money, homes, and people), joys and pains, ups and downs.  After looking at my life, I
can honestly say…..It's been one hell of a ride!

I've done things that many people won't get the chance to experience, met people from all over this earth, and so much more.  Yet, I've not really done anything!  This just tells me that this life has soooooooo much more to offer. This year, I've decided to reiterate my goal from last year- Live Life Fully.

From ages 1 to 5, I lived fully.

Me at Age 1-1/2Me at Age 2Me at Age 3Me at Age 4Me at Age 5

At age 26, I plan to do the same!

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

My birthday was last week Thursday, the 6th….and I had a blast.  I didn't plan anything for the actual day of my birthday, but I took advantage of a night out to celebrate my boss's birthday. It was her Black Dress Birthday Bash….but I enjoyed it just as much.

The evening started at the Hard Rock Cafe, where a limo arrived to take us, all 16 of us, to our restaurant of choice.

 We went out to eat at this place called China Grill in South Beach, where we had a great food selection. I love to eat and this place did the trick!

Spare RibsDragon ComboSushiShrimp

After our lovely dinner and many, many, many toasts we got back in the limo and headed back to the Hard Rock for more fun!

VIP was great….I know tons of fun was had, but it's a bit of a blur.  Too many toasts, I imagine…..