This is it! 2007 will soon be no more….

I'm ecstatic about this.  This year has been a hard one for me, and I'm ready to let it go.  Ready to start new.

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!  And I mean that.  I hope that you are doing whatever makes you happy for this new year.


QotD: Best Photo of ’07

What's the best photo you took this year?  Show and tell!

This pic was taken at the Company Holiday Party and it's one of the few pics that I have with all three of us together.  And I think we look pretty darned good.  Granted….I didn't take the picture, but is is of ME!  Even though my little one was trying desperately to get down and be done with the whole picture taking thing.

Why does a two-year-old put things in their nose….

….The world may never know…..

So after the whole craziness with my daughter's nose…..there has been speculation as to what she may have had in it.  Read The Countdown Continues to make sense of this. 

We are thinking that item number 1 may have been:

-rolled up tissue
-paper towels
-piece of clothing
-bubble gum
-earphone sponge
-pieces of Barbie doll clothing
-Styrofoam packing
-an alien lifeform

Item #2… tricky as it seems…..

-a plastic toy piece
-compressed paper
-spaceship of the aforementioned alien lifeform

Again, as the items were discarded…..we'll never know what they were.  We do know that we have a great story to tell her when she's older.  Maybe sometime when she begins dating and a potential suitor comes a-knockin'…..or when she's president(yes, I like many parents have high hopes for my spirited little one)…..and DEFINITELY when she herself is a mother and her child does the same.

The worst part of it is that she probably doesn't even remember putting whatever that was in there….and she gave no indication that there was something shoved into her nostril.  Even she looked shocked when the Dr pulled these foreign bodies from her nose.

The only thing that I can truly hope for… that she doesn't do it again.

So….the countdown to New Year’s continues…

So, my countdown to New Year's….I've kinda given up on it….let me tell you why…..

Back in one of my tips, I mentioned making sure that children don't stuff anything into their noses.  After today's Dr's appointment with my 2-yr old, I feel the need to reiterate that. Otherwise….no tips for today!

Today we saw the ENT(ear, nose, and throat) Doctor.  He was a really nice guy, looked a bit like Pat Riley- but my daughter was very unamused by him.  Once we were called in to the office, she immediately stated that she wanted to leave.  When we continued on, she began screaming, " I'm ready to go now!".  Obviously this would not happen because we needed to know how to go about removing whatever was in her nose.

So we got in the Dr peeks in with his little tools and says, "Yeah, there's definitely something in there".  So…as we sat in the chair and held my little one down, he used this one tool….it looked like a scissor on the grasping end and the other side held her nostril open. It reminds me a bit of that thing the OB uses when you get a PAP done- minus the noise it makes….  Anyway, as he held the nostril open, he used another scissor ended thing that had a little tiny tweezer like thing on it and reached in her nose and pulled….

WARNING….if you are weak of stomach or heart, please skip this section…..

He pulled out an item that looked as if it should be living.  It was about the same circumference and thickness as my index finger and about half the length.  It took everything in me to not pass out.  I have a strong stomach, but that almost did me in.  This thing looked much like a sponge of some sort. It reminded me of the meal worms we used to feed a fish I had as a child. As I stared at this item I was afraid that it would have begun to wiggle around or begin pulsating. He looked at it, placed it in gauze and threw it away.  What it was….we will never know.

The trip didn't end there.  He looked again to make sure that nothing else was remaining, all the while Andrew and I were looking at each other in complete shock, then he says, "There's something else in there".  At that point, I began to feel light headed.  He repeated the same nostril holding trick, and this time pulled out something almost as large as the first unidentifiable item.  This one though was quite firm-rather plastic looking.  Maybe a piece of a toy?  Again, he wrapped it in gauze, and discarded it.  He took another peek, used a bit of suction to make sure there was nothing else remaining- and that was all.  It was over.

We now have to administer antibiotics for a few days(just as a precaution) and continue the nasal spray for just as long.  Overall, this was an experience that I certainly will NEVER forget.  I'm now a bit paranoid, however.  I keep watching my daughter as she plays thinking that she's going to shove something else up her nose.  I've been racking my brain to figure out what the hell those things were, and I can't figure it out.  I was expecting that he'd have pulled out dried mucous, not…..whatever those things were!

Well….after the experience, she slept…..then slept a bit more.  I've noticed an improvement already- the foul smell is gone and my baby's breath smells as it should.

What a day it's been!  I think I'll forever have nightmares about whatever was in there.

Gone for a minute….but I’m back……how many remaining again?

I'm a bit off since last I was here.  I've been thrown off by people and their rudeness at the stores as well as a rather strange visit with my daughter's Dr. Well…..more tips…..

Tip #30

Be sure your children don't put anything in their noses.  I've learned this the hard way.  My daughter has had a sinus infection that just won't go away.  After antibiotics and nasal sprays- we got down to the nitty gritty….and have found that there is something in her nose.  What that something is…..we won't be able to find out until Wednesday.  It appears that this item may have been further up and out of view before, but the nasal sprays seem to have helped a bit in bringing it downward.  Now we'll be seeing an otorhinolaryngologist(and ear nose and throat specialist- I just like the word).  In any case, the foul mucus is due to a "foreign body" in the nasal cavity.

Tips #31-#38

(31)BE NICE!!!!  I've been griping about how rude everyone at the stores have been lately.  When you are walking in an aisle of any store, keep in mind that these aisles are only but so wide.  This means that you and your ridiculously LARGE cart should be at one side so that the person standing behind/in front of you doesn't have to sit there and wait as you admire EVERY toy in that space. (32)Step aside and keep the peace.  (33)DON'T bump into people without saying sorry. (34)DON'T steal the parking space that I've been waiting an hour to get.

These tips simply because all of this has happened to me as I've been doing my shopping.  I was nearly close lined by a "gentleman" walking past me.  I nearly fell flat on my bum, but my fall was caught by a true gentleman standing near me(to whom I thanked). Another one…..(35)don't watch people fall and then laugh at them. That's just rude- especially if there is something you could do to help.

Being nice pays off.  For example- when you're driving in front of stores, pedestrians lately are all kamikaze on you.  They just jump out in front of your car and feel that if you hit them it's completely your fault. Granted, I'm nice enough to drive like I'm going through a school zone in these areas, but the people behind me are blowing their horns and being all nasty about it.(36) BTW….don't do that either. (37)When someone else is being nice-learn a lesson from them, don't ruin it.  Anyway…..I stopped to let this woman, who was patiently waiting to cross the street.  She smiled and then motioned for me to follow her-so I could have her parking spot as she was leaving.  NICE comes back to you.

As I stood in line at the store with just one item in hand.  I noticed to woman in front of me was struggling a bit(with this absolutely adorable baby).  In one hand were a few items and the other was the baby-joyfully kicking about and trying to grab everything in site.  BEWARE….tip coming……(38)When you see people with babies-making noise of fussing- don't get upset about it.  Offer to help- the person will really appreciate it. In any case, I offered to hold the items for her so she could get a better grip on the baby.  She was so thankful that someone even bothered to ask.  Then brief conversation ensued and the baby had a giggle fit(apparently I'm quite amusing to children).  When it was my turn to get rung up, the lady didn't leave.  She said thanks for being so nice to me, then handed me her 50% off coupon for the store(SCORE!).  She didn't have to do that, but…..NICE COMES BACK TO YOU!!! 

Karma may be a real B$&%@, but sometimes she's really nice- it all depends on what you put out there.

Case of the Gift Shakers…..and 11 remaining

In my home every year, I have gift shakers.  You know them, you probably have a few in your own home.  These are the people, usually children, who sit by the tree and try their damnedest to ruin everyone's surprise by figuring out exactly what is in each box-usually getting it right.  These gift shakers don't truly realize that no one else wants to know what it is that they are getting until Christmas morning.  I've got some tips on how to fool these notorious beasts.

Tip #23

To fool gift shakers, you have to beat them at their game.  Label all of the gifts as gifts to people who don't even live in your home.  To keep track of this, simply give each of your family members a pet name that is easy to remember and label it to them.  If your child's name is Flava Flav, label it to Foofy Foofy…..your gift shaker will instantly be confused.

Tip #24

If your gift shaker is also a gift "feeler" change the texture of the gift.  Wrap video games into a sweater first then wrap it up as is.  There's no way they'll figure out that your gift is a 2-in-1 deal.

Tip #25

Use extra wrapping paper as a distraction.  Wrap up an empty box and let him/her shake it all day to try to figure out what that is.  THIS item you can label to your gift shaker.  It will drive them absolutely insane trying to come up with some idea as to what it could be.

Tip #26

Be sure not to help the gift shaker in any way by being too obvious.  If your gift is a small flat square, chances are….it's a CD.  Place the cd in a box that is way to big for it, secure it to the lid, then toss in a hand full of candy, pennies, or bells.  Then wrap it up and wait.  You have now made yourself a "gift shaker alarm".  The amount of noise this box will make, now alerts you to the activities of said gift shaker. 

Tip #27

Should your gift shaker be a gift unwrapper-er, double wrap the gift. My little brother has this habit of undoing one corner of his gifts to take a peek inside.  If the peek revealed is another layer of wrapping paper, the gift shaker's plan has been foiled.

Tip #28

Don't waste those little bits of wrapping paper.  Use them in the war against gift shakers!  Stick these pieces of crumpled paper to gifts them wrap them in left over ribbon-then wrap it in paper.  This will look like some sort of oddly shaped item has been wrapped and placed under the tree.  The gift shaker will be taken aback and will constantly pick up and shake whatever item you have done this to(make sure this item is not breakable)

Tip # 29

Gift shakers are annoying, yes.   But it's really not that serious.  It's funny to keep coming up with ways to throw them off as to whatever goodies may have been brought by "Santa".  Gift shaking children only grow up to be gift shaking adults- adult gift shakers may require stronger methods as they are more experienced and not as easily fooled.