QotD: That Was Silly

What is the silliest thing you've ever spent more than $30 bucks on?
Submitted by Terri.

A wallet for my little brother(he's 17-just for definition of "little").  The one from Pulp Fiction that says Bad M***** F*****.  Really nice leather and durable.  The only reason I got it is because that's what some of his teammates were calling him after he had a set of really great games(he's a basketball player).  It was ideal for the situation AND he really needed a better wallet.  If he's out somewhere though, he makes it a point to turn it the opposite direction so no one sees what's on that side.

Crazy Wallet:


Made in……hmmmm, where is this from again?

As I sit at my desk eating my sushi with chopsticks…..I start thinking if this is really just a marketing thing- like fortune cookies.  Yes, I know sushi is a Japanese food….but what if it's all just made up?  Seriously.

What if someone saw how gullible we as Americans can be and decided to take advantage of our "fragile" minds.  If you think about it….it's great marketing because it creates a great many upsells.

You "create" sushi so now the upsells are limitless!

-chopsticks- you can buy the disposable ones which means that you will forever toss them and purchase new ones, therefore generating even more business. The other option would be to buy the "fashionable" chopsticks that come in many different styles, textures, and lengths.  Most of these also come along with carrying cases of some sort and can be personalized etc….  So now you have higher priced chopsticks that will require artisan skill- this now makes them "hand made" which we all know means more $$$

-fish- the demand for fish, not just any fish….FRESH fish is always there.  As a result, we purchase more fish. Since it has a timeframe in which it needs to be delivered in order to still be edible, it must move quickly.  Therefore…..shipping companies and fisheries bank tons.

-sushi restaurants- They're everywhere!  Need I say more on this one?

-sushi accessories- recently at a local store, I saw a sushi making kit.  So a whole kit put together for someone who wants to make sushi at home. Great marketing work here.  It even comes with soy sauce and wasabi(which are 2 more great upsells)

-Asian-Inspired Decor- for those who want the restaurant feel at home…..there's decor to liven up your home.  The decor doesn't just stop at the dining table…..there are bedspreads, shower curtains, wall hangings, vases, trinket boxes, etc…..the list goes on.

I know this sounds maniacal, but when it gets down to it….it's true.

I stopped believing long ago(when I was about 10 and found out that fortune cookies don't come from China) that anything originates from somewhere unless I'm told by someone who actually comes from the "country of origin"(or I've visited) that it's a regularly existing item.  It's all marketing when you add a country name to anything.  You can buy Lipton Green Tea for a few dollars, but then buy "Real Chinese Tea" at a tea shop for $30(even if it was grown in upstate New York).

Enough of my ranting and raving about origin branded items.  The news is already doing a great job of making me paranoid, but I'll save that rant for another time.

QotD: If I Had Guaranteed Success…

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could never fail? 
Submitted by BeckyPink

The better question would be, What wouldn't I do?  Too many possibilities here……flying….having an army of children AND being able to afford to live comfortably(without being married to a sports star)…..finding cures for incurable diseases….changing the negative attitudes of others……resurrecting lost loved ones…..and the list goes on…..

How to know when you need a break.

I am not sure exactly how it works, but this is
accurate. Read the full description before looking at the picture.

The picture below has 2 identical dolphins. It was
used in a case study on stress level at St. Mary's Hospital.

Look at both dolphins jumping out of the water.
The dolphins are identical. A closely monitored, scientific study of a group
revealed that in spite of the fact that the dolphins are identical; a person
under stress would find differences in the two dolphins. If there are many
differences found between both dolphins, it means that the person is
experiencing a great amount of stress.

Look at the photograph and if you find more than
one or two differences you may want to take a vacation.


Long and short of it…..this is how I was feeling 2 weeks ago.  After an escape to the city and some much needed rest and laughter, I'm seeing nearly identical dolphins again…..one has spots and is furry, but nonetheless it's a dolphin.