Pretty Good Day

I had a pretty good day yesterday….overall.  The problem is that after eating my meals, I have this incredible urge to eat more, even though I'm eating a TON of food.  Yesterday I was quite unbearable.  I wasn't physically hungry, but I wanted to eat.  I tried chewing gum, drinking water, everything and I wasn't too successful in keeping this urge to eat away.  Here's what I ate yesterday:

Description Qty Time
cruncheroos cereal 3/4 cup 9:30 AM
milk 1/2 cup
coffee w/ 1/2 cup 10:00 AM
cream 1 tsp
splenda 1
assorted sashimi 7 pieces 12:00 PM
(shrimp, tuna, salmon)
coke zero 1 can
water 20 oz bottle 2:00 PM
Madascar Vanilla Red 1 cup 2:30 PM
coffee w/ 1/2 cup 3:30 PM
unsweetened cocoa 1 tsp
splenda 2 packets
half & half 1
plain lowfat yogurt 1/2 cup 4:15 PM
natural honey 1 tsp
grilled tilapia @ 2oz 7:00 PM
grilled carrot 1 whole carrot
grilled string beans @10
baked pear 1 7:45 PM
chocolate square 1

I couldn't resist the baked pear and chocolate. I feel like I fought hard for that pear and chocolate, so I'm keeping it!  I took some pictures…..then realized, it really doesn't look as good as it tastes….at least not from my camera.

Anyway.  I wanted to share that I find that I am incredibly thirsty this morning, thirsty and exhausted(my little one was having a hard time with sleep last night).  I drank a glass of water moments after waking, then…. since I've been awake I've already downed a full 23oz bottle…I'm now working on my second one.  I have some research to do regarding the reason I think this is happening.  I'll let you know what my findings are.  Until then, I'll continue guzzling massive amounts of water. Gotta Run for now!


Feeling Good!

Yesterday we had another session with Christina… know what?  I don't hate her this morning.  I'm not incredibly sore or anything, I just feel like I worked out.  Overall, I feel really good.  I'm already feeling some of the benefits here.  I've been really good with my eating and was told not to beat myself up about that domino sized cake that I ate on Saturday.

Here's what I had yesterday:

Description Qty Time
banana 1/2 8:30 AM
oatmeal 1/4 cup 9:30 AM
grilled cajun chicken breast @ 2oz 12:30 PM
penne pasta 1/2 cup
oatmeal 1/4 cup 4:00 PM
peanut butter 1 tsp
steak 1 @ 2oz 7:00 PM
grilled string beans 1 cup
baked pear 1 7:30 PM
chocolate square 1
plain oatmeal 1/4 cup 11:00 PM

Now, I know you're thinking…..this girl eats a lot of oatmeal.  When it comes to choices for cereals, I prefer oats.  Also, I tried this oatmeal and peanut butter combo and was shocked to know that it was really good!  It's like an oatmeal peanut butter cookie, but more satisfying. In a way it's a perfect food to have before having such an intense workout with Christina….peanut butter for the protein, oatmeal for a small carb boost…..great!

In addition to this, my baked pear was superb!  I saw a similar "recipe" on Emeril Live for a tailgate party, but his involved an apple and a candy bar….that's not very conducive to my diet.  In any case, I removed the center of the pear, placed 1 square of chocolate in it, then covered it with aluminum foil(just a word of advice….make sure there are no folds or cracks in the bottom of the aluminum foil-when the pear bakes it releases quite a bit of natural juice).  Bake for about 20 to 30 minutes(depending on the softness of the pear beforehand).  Let it cool for a a few minutes….and enjoy!  I've decided that I'll do this again on Friday, but instead of using aluminum foil, I'll use one of my Corning Ware dishes and bake a few more the rest of my household.  I'll be sure to take pictures of this lovely dish.

I've also been told by a pretty reliable source that I no longer snore since I've been working out….YES….I'm a snorer! or used to be a snorer.  I think it's because I haven't been so exhausted lately.  I'm eating better food combinations and working out and I already feel better.

Dancing With My Star!

I'm finally getting enough energy to keep up with this!(this is a little older of a video, but you get the idea)  It's amazing!  When I got home….AFTER my workout(I'll tell you how I feel in the morning), Jasmine and I ran around the house a few times and danced to our own music.  I figured she'd be getting sleepy soon, but that wasn't the case.  We literally ran in circles for about 30 minutes and she loved it! Now she's soundly asleep, and I'll be joining her quite soon.

Thought for the day!

I have this quote that I love and feel that I should share it today.

"You can't leave footprints in the sands of time sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave buttprints in the sand, anyway?" -Who Knows?

I don't know who said it….but I love them!

Memorial Day Weekend

I was still a bit sore when I woke up this morning, but I feel much better than I did yesterday.  I think the walk I had last night helped quite a bit.  I also stretched a lot.

Today was an even harder day for me.  I was doing some running around and didn't eat all that well.  To top it off…..we attended a birthday party for the son of a good friend.  Fortunately, there were A LOT of "better" choices for me at this party. I even had an apple beforehand so my eyes wouldn't be hungrier than my stomach.

While I was there I felt like I'd crashed my whole diet as I ate a piece of the cake for the "grownups"- Jamaican Rum Cake….my arch nemesis.  The whole party was really a cleverly disguised 70th birthday party for my friend's mother…but since her son's birthday was around the same time, it was a great opportunity to have a few friends and family around and sing for him too.  Anyway… cultural background is Jamaican.  I find it really hard to resist some of the foods that we eat.  The downside is that if it's not grilled, it's fried, or drowned in gravy.  Then there are the sweets…..yum.  I turned the thought of eating this cake in my head over and over again. In the end…..the cake won.  As I cut this ridiculously thin, small slice of cake(about the size of a domino), my friend(who has been 93lbs since I met her at 12-even after 2 children), is laughing at me and really doesn't understand why I won't just take a larger slice of cake.  Later that night……30 minutes on the mini stepper for my guilt.


My first thought upon waking this morning was, "Why can't I feel my legs?"

We met with our personal trainer, Christina, yesterday for our first REAL workout. I hate her……No let me rephrase that…..I REALLY dislike her….

After the workout I realized just how out of shape I really am.  Horrifying!  We worked out every muscle possible, I drank two 20 oz bottles of water during and after my workout. Now, I feel like my whole body is made of jello.  The good think is that, I figure, if it hurts this much…..It MUST be working and I'm also looking forward to next week.

We did more of a boot-camp style set of exercises that kept us in constant motion.  After about 10 minutes into it, I was almost out…..BUT, I kept going.  I pushed myself as hard as I knew my body could handle, and after another 5 minutes, I got a second wind and kept it moving.  Toward the end of our session we moved indoors(away from the hot, dreary warehouse that we did the bulk of our exercise in).  I think the bright light paired with the AC gave us all an extra bit of energy….we did some AB and Core workouts, stretched, and it was all over.  Just in time too, because my alarm(to let me know that I needed to leave to pick up my daughter) had gone off 5 minutes before.  My plan after the workout was to run the short distance to our other suite, grab my belongings, and get my little one.  When I got outside, I could barely lift my legs, needless to say, running was out of the question. So a quick walk, grab and go…then off I went.

Overall….I do feel really good though.  I'm doing what is necessary for me to reach my goals.

Today, I ran into some real hurdles regarding my diet.  First off, I had an early morning meeting with a new vendor of ours.  They were planning to show up a bit early to setup for training with our customer service group. I planned ahead on this one.  The training was scheduled for 8:30AM, they'd show up at 8.  I left my home SUPER early(7AM), dropped my daughter off at daycare, and got to work at 7:40AM.  This gave me enough time to enjoy my breakfast and get ready for the vendor.  They showed up at 7:45AM and I have to say that threw me off a bit.

I then(with their help), loaded the boxes with the training materials into my car, drove to our other suite, unpacked the boxes and left them to get setup.  At this point it was about 8AM, I'd been up for 2 hours without a bite to eat.  My legs were wobbly from yesterday's workout and I was STARVING.  I quickly made myself some oatmeal and enjoyed it.  My meeting and training were a success.

After training, I had a lunch date with our vendor.  Now eating out was tricky.  After looking over the whole menu 80 times over, I decided on Chicken Marsala with linguine(no alfredo sauce).  I thought I made a great decision….until the meal arrived.  The massive chicken breast arrived in it's own plate floating in gravy and mushrooms.  So, I cut it in half and removed it from the gravy, then enjoyed it with about a quarter of the linguine they brought me.

After the meeting…..the company closed up shop a bit early and were treated to a movie!  I got my little one from daycare a little earlier than usual and off we went to the movies. THIS was a test in itself.  The smell of popcorn and the various ads for M&M's were difficult to contend with. I simply ignored the sign that says no outside food, packed along some carrots, a coke zero, my chocolate square, and animal crackers(for my daughter)…..then enjoyed the movie.  My daughter didn't pose too many threats to my diet and enjoyed a square of chocolate herself.

All in all…..I think I did well, considering the busy day I had.

I think I’ve got it!

Here's what I had today:

Description Qty Time
cruncheroos cereal 3/4 cup 9:30 AM
milk 1/2 cup
plain yogurt 1/2 cup 11:00 AM
sugar-free stawberry preserves 1 tsp
grilled salmon @ 2 oz fillet 12:45 PM
grilled baby carrots 5
grilled string beans 10
pasta 1/4 cup
water 20 oz bottle
oatmeal 1/2 2:30 PM
strawberry preserves(sugar free) 1 tsp
chocolate square 1 4:00 PM
sauteed tilapia 2 oz 7:00 PM
broccoli(cut) 1/2 cup
baby carrots(cut) 1/2 cup
plain yogurt 1/2 cup 8:30 PM
mango 1/2

I have to say, I'm truly enjoying my food lately.  I'm not eating anything strange or drinking magic potions. I'm just eating balanced and I'm feeling great!  People are even asking me if I've lost weight and everything now and that's crazy.  I've only been making changes in the past week and still eating foods I enjoy, but I feel like something has changed already.  The best is I can always go to my nutritional advisor(Krystel) and ask about substitutions for the foods I'm eating.(I also love that I don't have a point system, or set meal plan, she gave me guidelines and rules to follow, thus far, I'm doing well)

What seems to be happening is that I'm better controlling my portions and I'm not hungry, but I feel better.  The primary difference for me has been this……I drink A TON of water everyday.  Where I would normally have juice or soda, I've been drinking water.  Today, I was given a very tempting proposition by the "Vending Machine Gods".  I went to get a Coke Zero…..and out comes a beautifully glistening, ice cold, Coca Cola- RED can.  This would mean, regular coke.  I stared at the can for a moment and thought…."I can drink only half of this".  Then the idea of having to write down that I chugged a can of regular coke during lunch gripped me. So, I asked the Vending Machine Gods for forgiveness, got back my change, and drank water. Later on I was rewarded handsomely as one of the Vending Machine Gods, or shall I say "Vending Machine Goddess" bought me a Coke Zero AND a Diet Coke while she was out on her travels today.