Hello Blogging, My Old Friend

Here we are, again! This blog of mine is like a friend I’ve had forever. You know, the friend you don’t see or speak to for a year, only keep somewhat updated via social media updates, etc…. Then one day, one of you has the urge to call the other and it’s 3 hours of picking up right where you left off. The amazing conversation full of “ooooh girl” and “wow”. It happens through kids running around, refereeing, lunch and/or dinner prep and it is somehow exactly what you needed in that moment. THAT friend!

Well, I woke up this morning, and I’m making that call. The urge to just talk and get some thoughts out struck me, so here I am, Old Friend. There is SO much we need to catch up on. For one, this entire urge to write was inspired by some conversation with my brother and his wife(YES, GIRL! My goofy little brother is married! I know, right!). My train of thought sometimes is like opening folders on your computer. By the time you’ve unfolded and found the file you were looking for, you are so deep into the file tree you’re trying to figure out how it happened (yes, I’m that old! Remember trying to find a file you saved on a DOS system and typing out the ENTIRE address? UGH!). Follow along, shall we?

So, I’m listening to this podcast my brother and his friends put together. Now, these 3 have the most appropriate name EVER, The Dope Nerdz Podcast. It’s he and his college buddies, sitting around talking about the nerdy ish they talk about, but with a microphone and being forced to place a time limit on it. HILARIOUS at times and totally relatable, especially if you are a nerd, yourself. There’s one episode where they are talking about another podcast they are planning on doing that talks more about social issues, etc and less about “nerd stuff”. That whole thing made me think of a previous post of mine, and if my brother remembered the incident. He did, vaguely, but NOT. I’ll pat myself on the back for shielding that(I did good, because I cannot imagine the therapy sessions that would require to unravel- also, I’m now like, damn…my mom is probably going to read that – oh well!). Then, he asked if he could share it, then my sister-in-law(I know! I have a sister-in-law! trips me out, too!) said she’d read it as well. I said, “you know, I should blog again”, and now here I am, talking to my old friend at 5:30 in the morning before I get ready for work. Girl, LISTEN! When the urge to get it out comes about, you gotta do it!

So yeah, anyway…..I feel the need to blog again. I need a major outlet, especially since so many of my other hobbies aren’t “available” right now. I need a thing that is exclusively mine, and my thoughts are it. Why not share a few?

With that being said, I’ll “call” you later to catch up, upload some pics, etc….Later!

Making Something Out of Nothing

Yesterday I had a zoom call with my family, which is one of those things that has REALLY helped me keep my sanity and remain grounded in these times.

There is so much happening outside, and inside and it’s a bit like war, but we’ll get through it!

In this call I learned that I might be quite a bit like my great grandmother. She used to make clothes and things from old pillowcases, and had scraps of fabric around to make things with. I also read in another family group how she used to help making quilts.

She canned foods, and made cakes, and the BEST butter biscuits from SCRATCH.

Its wild how you get so much from your DNA that you just don’t know about.

My more recent project is literally me making something out of NOTHING.

As part of my guestroom makeover, I wanted to make a headboard to make the room more cozy since the bed is right under a window.

I started by gluing 2 boxes together using simple school glue.

I’m SO happy I saved that sewing machine box!

Then I pieced together some leftover foam and batting from other projects, in addition to a NEW pack of batting. This basically is to build it up without me having to buy anything additional.

Pieced together foam and covered as much as I could with it.

Double batting to build up the cushioning and smooth everything out

I drew on a grid to mark where I wanted everything tufted and in place

I drew on a grid to decide where the tufts should go, and cut into the batting in those spots to make nice even and deep button spaces.

Once that was done, I got my fabric, a curtain I bought a while back for $5.

Initially, I tried using my staple gun, but it didn’t work correctly, and wouldn’t stick well to the cardboard. I ended up using needle nose pliers to make holes through the cardboard in the grid spaces. From there, I cut pieces of wire(I got at Home Depot years ago for hanging a heavy picture), and punctured the fabric, fed it through the holes, and folded the wire back to keep it in place. This was done with LOTS of scratches and destroyed nails.

Once I got the fabric in place, I used hot glue and staples to get the fabric held in place around the back and trimmed off any additional fabric.

Staples and trimmed fabric on the back of the headboard. You can see some of the wires as well.

To mount it, I cut a few pieces of old trim that was in the garage and “glued and screwed” to attach it.

The finished product is AMAZING.

I glued pieces from my floral rhinestone ribbon over the tuft holes to glam it up a bit. This is definitely a favorite project for me.

I’m glad to know that my creativity is part of my ancestry, and a gift I’ve been given to keep me during a time of major change.

Look at these beautiful people partly responsible for the makings of me. Great Grandma Mattie(Gran Mattie), Grandpa Ivory, Grandma Mary, Great Aunt Romelia, Great Uncle Eugene

FINALLY finished

I have a LOT of time on my hands lately. I mean, A LOT. As a result, I’m finding myself finishing up projects that have been lingering.

For example, I have this LOVELY side table that I basically stalked at a thrift store years ago.

I took it out of its hiding space in the garage. Yes, hiding space. My husband likes to toss items I don’t appear to be using. This hasn’t been touched in 5 years, so it was likely on the chopping block.

I cleaned it up, then decided I was going to paint it gray to match the top of my dresser unit in the guest room. I decided to work with paint I had on hand, because an additional trip to the hardware store was not ideal. I’m not a fan of traveling out so much these COVID days. I mixed 2 beige samples with a little black paint I had on hand and went to work.

I removed all the hardware, then spray painted it with silver paint. Then covered the door, main unit, and drawer in 2 coats of paint. After that was dry, I coated it with a glossy polycrylic. For some reason, it dried on this with a brownish tint- I’m not sure why, but I’m not opposed to it.

The glass on the front had a broken pane, which was fine because I opted to cover them with crushed glass instead.

Do you see those brown streaks? I kinda like it though, it gives it some character.

Once it dried, I reattached the hardware, replaced the original hoop pull with a glass knob, and its DONE.

I’m really pleased with the final look of this. It’ll definitely add a little bit of spark to my guestroom.

The pics just don’t do it justice. Here are pics in natural light and flash:

Just One Story

We all have them. People who look like me. Stories of times we were treated unfairly and the only underlying issue is that the person responsible had an issue with, people who look like me.

I was maybe about….17 so my brother was 9(he was also already my height about 5’6″), and the youngest was 2.

I decided to be a good big sister and take them to the park down the street from our home. My mother ALWAYS hated this. The park was a block away, but she couldn’t SEE us, so it was too far for her liking, even though I was 17, basically a “woman”, right?

Anyway, we get to the park, my 9 year old brother walks in with his new bike and a few of his friends are also there. They walk up to each other and do some weird goofy handshake and proceed to play. There are Pokémon cards pulled out at some point, and I keep noting how extremely uneasy this woman at the park is. She’s taller than me, red hair that is tucked into a bun, wearing a maternity romper type thing, and sporting a HUGE baby bump. She happens to be the mother of my brother’s friend, and she keeps calling him over to check him out as if my brother has something contagious and he will contract it and have immediate symptoms. I knew exactly what her problem was.

This was a small park, playground equipment, a few benches, etc….i was sitting on one of the only unoccupied benches, keeping tabs on my brothers, holding on to random toys, water bottles, etc(I was SUCH a mom, LOL). Meanwhile, this woman stood at the entry gate the whole time with a backpack on, stroller in hand ready to roll out. I offered her a seat and she pretended not to hear me.

Another woman and I exchanged a glance. Its that bit of “telepathy”, if you will. A look that said, “she’d rather stand there and suffer, than to sit near you or I”. This woman, sitting at the other bench, which also had plenty of space, looked like me.

Our playtime came to an abrupt end when this standing woman thought it was ok to discipline my brother for playing with her children.

Her: “He’s just running around with the rest of the kids like its ok!”

Me: “Ma’am, he’s 9 years old, and your son knows him from school. They play all the time. Why would it not be ok now?”

She walked away without saying anything. Shortly after, I noticed her on her phone, and knew it was TIME to go home. The other family at the park also began packing it up, and the lady who looked like me asked if we needed a ride home. I told her, we only live a block away, so we should be fine.

Less than a block from the park, we were swarmed by police and asked if we knew anything about the bikes being stolen in the area. My brother was walking with HIS brand new bike, his other one was stolen 2 weeks prior from our backyard.

One officer jumped out, gun pointed and stayed that way the whole time the other 2 officers questioned us. Anytime I spoke, he told me to shut up and he wanted to hear from “the man standing next to me”. I gave him our address(I could see the tree outside our house from where we were), told him our ages, and suggested that he get my mother because he couldn’t legally question us without an adult present(come through FLHS Pre-law!).

That pissed him off, and he said he was going to take us to the station and detain us, as well as impound my brother’s bike. I knew that my mother would’ve set that station on fire if that happened, AND we would never get my brother’s bike back.

The woman whose house we were in front of came outside because she saw what was going on and told them, “These kids live down the block! Go catch real criminals and don’t point your guns at babies!”

They told her that she needed to go inside and let them handle this. She took down their badge numbers and called city hall, right then. She stood on her doorstep the whole time.

About 10 minutes later, we were released and the officer put his gun down. We walked the rest of the way home, and my brothers 9 and 2 were oblivious. I never told my parents about it. I just came home and went to my room. I’m sure it was probably just written off as being a teenager.

I want to say, that neighbor was a rockstar. I was too shaken to thank her, or even acknowledge what she really did for us. I saw her many times after that and all I could do was wave. If she had not been there, I doubt North Lauderdale cops would have been disciplined for pulling a gun on, and possibly shooting 3 Black children.

To this day it enrages me that some lady, wasted her 1999 cell phone minutes to call the cops on my brother for playing with a child he knew from school. EVEN THOUGH her son knew him, walked up to him and addressed him by name, did some silly handshake thing and all….we were a threat. A 17 year old, a 9 year old, and a 2 year old.

This story is the FIRST time, I can remember a cop pointing his gun at me. I’ve also never been arrested, and only been ticketed twice in my life. The interactions, however are numerous. Let that sink in.

My melanin is my armor, not a weapon.

This is why Black Lives Matter. No life matters more or less than another, however Black Skin is too often seen as a threat or a weapon and treated as though the life that holds it is disposable.

My heart has been HEAVY these past weeks, and it’s been really hard seeing what’s happening. But it is GREAT to see some change.

Trying Out: Sea Moss

Over the past few months, I’ve been on a path of self-improvement, like most of us in quarantine. I’ve started working out consistently, I’m taking my daily vitamins like my life depends on it, and taking care of my body.

One of the supplements I’ve been looking into is Sea Moss or Irish Moss as I’ve always known it growing up. Growing up in a household with Island parents, you come across a LOT of items you didn’t realize were legit natural remedies. Sea moss is one of them!

In researching, I found out that it has 92 of the minerals in your body and is really good for a number of things including:

  • Nutrient Absorption
  • Strengthening Bones and Connective Tissues
  • Immunity Boost
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Great for Various Skin Ailments(eczema, acne, psoriasis, sunburn, etc…)
  • Increase Energy Level
Benefits of using Sea Moss

My goal really was to get something that I know would help with muscle recovery and joint pain after these workouts of mine(I’m SO old!!!), and help with my iron. My iron has been low since having my son, and nothing seems to work, so I’m hoping this helps with absorption. I just needed a good source.

On my quest to find a local source I came across QUITE a few. I guess, living in South Florida, it shouldn’t be hard to find people making a product from seaweed. Seeing as we’re still under some restrictions, and my first priority is being safe, I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to travel far, and with as little contact as possible.

I ended up finding one source that has turned out to be phenomenal, thus far. First off, their contact information and the owner’s own testimonial were all available via his Instagram and his website. Being a “researcher” by nature, I like to know who I’m buying from. I’d much rather buy from the family man(this guy has a wife and 6 kids!), than some some random Instagram thirst trap, etc… Anyway, their website said they were opened Monday-Friday, so I didn’t expect a response on Saturday. NOR did I expect to be able to pick up the same day! I paid via paypal, was given his address, and he met me outside with a small gift bag loaded with my jar of sea moss and a business card. I was out, and back home in 20 minutes. Great customer service!

KP Sea Moss Cold Gel- Sea Moss and Distilled water- THAT’S IT!

Today was my first day actually taking it. I’m a bit of a purist, so I wanted to try it out without adding a lot of extras. I mixed in 1 tablespoon with my morning 16oz of water(on workout days, I add in some powdered greens since I’m also doing intermittent fasting). The taste was similar to coconut water almost and it went down smoothly. Within 20 minutes, I had a sudden energy burst, cleaned my kitchen, did 3 loads of laundry, and sat down to do some writing for a freelance job. THAT was glorious!

I stopped drinking coffee 2 months ago and this basically felt like a shot of Cuban Coffee without the jitters. I felt great for the day, so let’s see what tomorrow brings! I’ll probably add it into my greens to smooth it out a bit.

Powdered greens, blended with banana and almond milk.

***OH! Also, I’m down 6lbs since I got back on the ball May 5th.

Why I Joined Color Street

The title is pretty self-explanatory as far as what you’re about to read. The real reasons I joined Color Street as an independent stylist.

Here’s where it began…

January 1st, 2020- my main goals for this year were to be more organized and more colorful. If you KNOW me in person, you’re thinking….”MORE colorful? Girl, HOW?”. The exact phrase written was, “This year I will do all things that bring color and joy into my life”. That being said, I was incredibly psyched when a week later, a friend of mine was having something called a “COLOR Street Nail Bar” on Facebook. It was like, “Oh, hey there Universe. I am somehow always shocked when I find out you’re listening”.

I joined the party, not really expecting anything and most definitely not to join! I mean with work, kid’s school, sports, etc….where was I going to find time for MORE? As a friend, I was there to make a purchase or 2 and help out, because we all know that the hosts get free stuff for purchases made by the attendees. I’m always down to help a friend, AND purchase awesome gear.

Anyway, I’m now involved in this online party and the rep was really nice, posting interesting facts about the company, how it was created, why SHE joined, etc… She also offered up a few samples for us to try out. THIS is what immediately piqued my interest. I am one of those people who LIVES for free samples. It’s a little crazy at times. As a teenager, I only went to Sam’s with my mom EVERY LIVING SATURDAY because it was free sample day. I would walk around the store and secure little samplings to enjoy on this trip that was always no less than 2 hours long. I’m even on a bunch of freebie sites(rebatekey, rebatest, etc) where I can get products that I use for free or pretty close to it in most cases.

I received my sample and decided to try out the Color Street Challenge. You get what is called a “twosie” sample, nail prep pad, nail file and a little cuticle stick along with a card of some type basically explaining what the challenge is. The ones I send out look like this:

These are the little cards I send out with samples. They’re really simple and gets the point across.

So what you do is add the sample strips to your fingers, then paint the remaining nails with standard polish so you can see the difference in how they hold up, ease of application, etc… I have some other strips I’ve been using, so I decided to make them part of the challenge, too.

After the challenge I WAS SOLD. My regular polish and “brand x strips” began to chip within 3 days. By day 5, more chipping and my nails began to look WILD. Day 9, I removed anything that was chipped(I also accidentally removed some of my Color Street in the process 😥), then did a another manicure with my remaining brand X strips, regular polish, and used another color street sample to make a little design(yeah, I’m FANCY).

At this point, I realized, I’m going to be spending a lot of money on these really cool nail strips, because I can just do my nails from the comfort of my folding camp chair during my kid’s soccer or basketball practice. Also, I really LIKE having my nails done. I FEEL more like an adult. I know, it sounds crazy, but having your nails done is a quick and easy way to immediately feel more dressed up than you actually are. My usual attire of ripped jeans and converse sneakers can use a little upgrading here and there, for sure.

By the party’s end, I was teetering on what I wanted to do. Instead of immediately signing up, I decided to have a party of my own. I gained so much interest from my friends and family that I figured….Why not? Worst case is you pay $129(+ $15 for S&H) for 13 strips with a bunch of other odds and ends that I will use without a doubt.

I love this! There are a bunch of little twosie samples to try out, 13 nail sets, files, prep pads, polish remove pads, brochures, and more! Also, check out that bag!

When I got my kit in the mail, I was overjoyed! I went live on my Facebook to show my friends and family what I received, and to let them know I had joined this business opportunity, etc. From there the sales immediately came rolling in. Within the first month, the cost of my kit had been covered in commissions. I decided then, I’ll keep going and see what I can make of this. There are so many pros, that I can’t help but keep doing this.

I love that I can express my creativity and really live IN color. Even now, in the midst of a pandemic, the commissions are enough to help out with groceries and minor expenses, as well as invest in more cool strips, as I’m not working otherwise. My VIP group community has been my life line and it’s been amazing to see the community grow as I gain new customers, friends, and wonderful people to associate with. In addition, THE COLOR STREET COMMUNITY is amazing. My upline has been a huge help every step of the way, there are groups where other stylists put up videos with tips, and information on how you can improve not just your Color Street business, but organize your office space and all. It’s been amazing, and I, honestly, would not know where I’d be right now without this business that drives me to continue doing something every day.

When you see people give their whys, etc, it sounds kinda cheesy when they say, ” I love XYZ company“, but I really do. I LOVE Color Street! I love everything that the company is doing for my life and sanity right now.

Overall this has been a really great and positive experience for me, and I cannot WAIT to see what the future brings for me.

Barre and Bag

So, here I am working out again!

Today was day 1, and I’m exhausted already at 1pm. I woke up, on my own around 5:30am and could NOT go back to sleep. I committed to working out at least 5 days a week, so I figured this must be a sign from the heavens that I need to get up and stick to it!

Anyway, I’ve gone about building my little at home workout area in my garage and I’m really happy with the results so far. I LOVED kickboxing and barre, so I bulked up on equipment to support that, including MAKING the Barre Bar myself. Now I’ve got my little home gym, I’m calling “Barre and Bag”. If you EVER see that as a place for real, I made it up, and I need royalties.

Welcome to Barre and Bag! (The barre is also great for holding my weights and stretch bands)

Since we’re all locked in and not going anywhere I worked mostly with what I had. I found some barre building instructions online and set out to replicate it. I picked up a few T’s and one more 90° bend for 1-1/4″ PVC and set out to making it all happen! As much as I miss taking my time walking through Home Depot, I can’t do it, the lines are intense and everyone is on edge, so its not fun and relaxing like before.

Major side note: Home Depot’s curbside pickup is the most amazing thing ever. I pulled in, told them my number slot and had my order in 2 minutes.

When I got down to the end of it, I realized I didn’t have enough bends to make the feet and the bottom T didn’t have enough support. I set out to improvise as best as I could, by making my own angles using lengths of pipe that were heated and bent.

The angles are kinda sharp, and I could’ve done this without bending it so harshly, but I didn’t have any sand to pack the tube.

After I got these bent, I heated the ends and fit them onto the legs, then used 2 end caps to support the bottom of the T’s.

Everything was fitted with E6000 glue to secure it, with the exception of the leg T’s because I wanted to make this able to fold away when not in use. Then I covered the feet joints and ends with heat shrink tubing to make the feet non slip/skid/scrape if I use it inside on the wood flooring(also to make it all look better.

And I ended up using 2 different sizes of PVC pipe because it’s what I had on hand. Random crafting/building tip: wine corks are your friends. I use them to glue and screw into various areas, and also used cut sections of wine corks to help me level the legs.

All in all, I’m pretty psyched with my work, and I’m happy it holds up well while I’m using it. The only downside is I chipped(more like cracked/broke) one of my nails. LOL! Color Street REALLY is that awesome, because I just filed it down and it looks good as new!

I bet you can’t tell which one it is! This color is called “Bad Chrome-ance”. Now you’re singing Lady Gaga. You’re welcome.

This is definitely going to be fun and a LOT less expensive doing my workouts here at home. This project cost me roughly $10 because I had most of what I needed at home already. Now I’m off to take some tylenol and hopefully get rid of this headache!

Locked Away and a Little Bored

Like most of the country we’re locked away and only having one person heed out for essentials and all that. So naturally, even with school, work projects and my nail business I’m still somehow BORED.

I think I just need interaction with a person that I don’t have to clean up after.

Anyway, I’ve decided to get some healing happening in my life. I’ve been doing Deepak Chopra’s 21 Days of Abundance meditation and its definitely helped in giving me not just something to DO, but a quiet moment to simply think/NOT think every day.

I’ve also said I was going to workout everyday- that hasn’t happened yet, but I’m working on it. One of the main things I want to do is make sure I get some good stretching in and work on healing my body, like my knees and back.

I started looking at Yamuna balls, as recommended by my cousin Masani,and the online workouts, testimonials and overall info is AMAZING!

Yamuna balls collection

From left to right: gold ball, silver ball, pearl ball, and black ball.

The main problem is they are crazy expensive for a few inflatable balls. So for now, I’m working on using alternatives, or as many as I can find.

So far I have a Coregeous Ball, and that will work for SOME of the workouts. We’ll just have to see. The set of these balls are pretty cool too, but they are foam so considered to be not as good as their inflatable cousins. I don’t know, but I’m willing to try out a few things to get my body feeling better. I mean, I have PLENTY of time lately.

In the meantime, it also seems like a great time to dust off my keyboard and get to blogging again. 😉

See ya soon!

A Letter To My Son, My sometimes Superhero

My son was selected as a star student and given an assignment by his teacher to build a timeline.  This Star Student Week has something due for each day.

Day 1 was a timeline about his life, with pictures and major events in his 9 years.  In other words, an AMAZING trip down memory lane, looking at little chubby gummy smiles and those fat baby legs with folds and wrinkles that are SO cute when you’re less than 3ft tall, and 2 years old.

Day 2 was Bring your favorite book, then came the parent letter on Day 3.  It took me some time to put this one together.  I wrote it to him, and attached a copy of his lil itty bitty baby footprints. :

“Hey Superhero,

I found out on Valentine’s Day 2009 that we were expecting you, and I knew in that moment that it was going to be something.  On the day you were born, there wasn’t a full moon, but there certainly should have been.  There were women in the halls and every birthing room was FULL.  When I arrived at the hospital, I expected to be there for at least a day, because everything about being pregnant this time around was absolutely stubborn, so I felt labor would be the same way.  I was wrong.  We arrived at 1pm, and at 6:28pm, only 5 1/2 hours later, you arrived in this world SCREAMING.  When they placed you in my arms, I checked you over to count your little fingers and toes, and make sure everything was in order.  The first thing I noticed was that instead of 10 tiny fingers and toes, there were 12 fingers and 10 toes, and a little heart shaped birthmark on your back.  Unlike your sister, you screamed the entire time as they washed you and put your little footprints onto paper.  My immediate thought was that this baby was going to be different.

I have not been wrong.  From day one, you’ve always challenged me to step up my mom game and do greater things.  You’ve inspired us all to be bigger, better, and tougher because that’s the parents you need us to be.  You have ALWAYS wanted to be on the go and are happiest when you’re outside running around.  You’ve always the kid that thinks about the well-being of your siblings and family, from making us a cup of tea to, always thinking about picking up something for your sister on the way home from school.  I hope you NEVER lose that and that you’ll learn to extend that kindness beyond just the people you love, and your choice of words.

You were given the name Terrell because we both liked it and agreed that “Terrell Taylor” sounded a lot like a superhero alter-ego.  Your middle name, Xavier, happens to also be my favorite superhero, Professor X.  The greatest irony is that your names mean stubborn and bright, and I feel like you’re living up to it every day. At times you’re also very mischievous, and it lends a hand to getting you into trouble, but it also adds to your overall creativity.  You’ve always had the natural ability to lead and to envelope a room with your energy, and I can only hope that you use it for great things. Always remember the great words of Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, “with great power, comes great responsibility”.  That natural ability as well as the great responsibility of being an uncle to Zakai are major, and I hope you take that in kind and be the best version of yourself you can be.

It’s been an amazing journey watching you transform from from that chubby little baby eating sand on the beach, to the soccer and basketball player, and master of all things Lego that you’ve become. I don’t know where any of this will take you, or us, in life,but it’s bound to be an adventure.


I feel like this letter is even more important these days because 9 has been an interesting age for us, thus far.  He’s already turning into that strange prepubescent kid with a bit of angst simply because I asked him to put his socks on.

We have a LONG ride ahead of us from what I can see.  Wish me luck, and if you’re the praying type, PLEASE do.



Charlotte Russe Hostage Dress Situation

I saw an article about Charlotte Russe closing many of their stores and I felt a bit cold to it.  It saddens me to see so many “iconic” stores shutting down, but I don’t know about this one.

I lost all love for CR the day I was held hostage by a dress in the fitting room.  YES, I was held hostage. By a dress.  Let me explain….

I was shopping for a wedding that I was going to, because there was no way I was going to wear one of the many dresses in my closet with the tag still on it.  I needed a NEW one that I would also possibly not wear.  In any case, CR was once my go-to for all things party.  In my 20’s, I’d drop in to find my newest “club top” or interview blazer, so it was a natural 1st stop.

I found an array of dresses that were hanger cute, so I took them with me to the fitting rooms so I could pull on a few dresses, awkwardly tug at the length, and over scrutinize it and my body.  I tried on one and it was cute, but didn’t fit the bill for a wedding.  The 2nd dress I decided was going to be THE ONE.  It was a bit more of an A-line dress, with a criss-cross back and subtle stripes that seemed PERFECT.

I put it over my head, and it fit NEARLY like a glove.  I did the spinning, turning, bending, standing on my toes, etc and mentally prepared an outfit. Deciding what shoes I would wear, jewelry, and the whole nine.  Only, this dress felt…..strange.  There was a lacey bit around the arms that felt uncomfortable and I realized that I couldn’t comfortably raise my arms without the rest of the dress rising up. Also, when I raised my arms, it got tighter around them.  At that point, it was a no-go.

Now as I lifted my arms to pull the dress off, it did a weird boa constrictor type movement and tightened further up my arm.  I tried again, and it tightened more as if to say, “We’ve come this far, you’ve gotta buy me now!”.  This is the point, I began to panic.  I now had the dress stuck on my arms and the bottom of it covering most of my face.  I was in the fitting room wedged against the wall, arms stuck in the air and considering buying this dress so I could get it home and cut it off.  I’d even come up with an excuse….”I loved it so much, I’m just going to wear it home!”.   The fitting room attendant must’ve known something was up so she knocked on the door and inquired if I needed anything.  I calmed my voice and told her no, but inside I was in COMPLETE panic mode.

I started bargaining with the dress and trying to coax it off while doing a bear scratch against the wall to pull the bottom further up. I’m pretty sure I looked like that scene in Ace Ventura where Jim Carrey is stuck in the mechanical rhino. I figured, If I can get it over my head, then I’d be able to finagle it down my arms.  I decided, one more try, then I was going to admit defeat and buy the damned dress.  It WORKED, up and over my head, but arms still stuck as if I was wearing handcuffs on my upper biceps.  I basically wedged the dress between my legs and pulled it down little by little until it started to give way.  the dress FINALLY began to move and eventually made its way off of my arms.

I sat in the fitting room in my underclothes for a full 5 minutes just to cool off. I pretty much had a 15 minute cardio workout, and my shoulder was throbbing as if I’d dislocated it and popped it back in place(I’ve done this before, so it’s possible that’s EXACTLY what happened).

After that, I dressed in my regular clothes and went home.  I didn’t even put the offending dress back on the hanger, I just left it draped over the fitting room return rack and left.  The harsh negotiations left my arm bruised and me wearing a 3/4 sleeve dress for the wedding instead.

I haven’t shopped at Charlotte Russe since, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. Considering how uncertain their future is, it may not even be a possibility.