The End Of The 80’s

After nearly 3 years, I’ve FINALLY decided to get rid of the last of our 80’s wallpaper and HIDEOUS vertical blinds.  They’ve done the trick, and blocked out the sun while providing lots of privacy, however, they NEED to go.  The fact that  my son hit them with an exercise ball and caused them to collapse, certainly helps.:)

What I started out with was….I don’t even know.  Just look….


So….I realized I don’t have a picture of it without a Christmas tree in front of it. And for good reason. I mean…just LOOK!

Anyway, here’s the aftermath of it being knocked down.


As you see, this room is bare. Hence why playing with a ball in the house to knock it down in the first place isn’t exactly “taboo”.

Anyway, I pulled it all down and began stripping the remainder of the wallpaper.




The plan here is to paint just the “cove” area and put the curtains up for now. Then I’ll figure out a real plan for this room….maybe…

After roughly 2 coats of paint, here’s what I ended up with:


I decided to paint over the metal in the middle of the windows as well.  The room is now so amazingly bright!

I found some basic Levan curtains at Ikea, and hung up 155″ inches of curtain. It took 6 panels to cover the window, but I’m pretty happy with the end result. I also left them a little long for now, since there is some flooring to take place and I don’t know how the length will look once complete.



Now on to tackle the rest of the room….and the garden.:)

Chalk Paint Pass or Fail

I’ve been looking for a TV stand for a while now, and I wanted something with some COLOR.   I really like this one from Target:

Nice deep red TV stand, via Target

Thing is, it’s over $200 and NOT in the budget.  What I did find were a few lovelies from Craigslist and Offerup.  After taking many measurements, getting “already sold it” messages, and a bit of frustration, I found this gal for $20:

20151017_180150[1]Not exactly what I was looking for, but I saw the potential, AND it was $20.  I mean, that’s almost FREE.  Anyway, I also wanted to experiment with this chalk paint that everyone is raving about and if I messed up a $20 piece, no biggie!  I didn’t want to distress this piece in any way, but I wanted some texture and rich color, which chalkpaint seems to offer.

The prices on chalk paint, are pretty ridiculous, so I used a plaster of paris, water, and latex paint recipe that I found online and went to work.  What I got was this:



BRIGHT pink, Super-Dee Duper PINK, Barbie Dreamhouse Pink, Pinker-than-any-panther-EVER pink….I text my good friend C with an, “OMG, WHAT HAVE I DONE” type text and then watched as it dried.  And BOY does this paint dry quickly.  It remained a deep fuchsia and I decided that maybe I should go darker, but left it overnight to see if there was some miracle that could save it and if not, I was going to just paint it black and move on(blah!).

The next morning, I awoke to this, and I could hear angels singing, birds chirping, etc….


I gave it another coat to fill in the color changes and reviewed my options for sealing it.  Now, what I see of chalk paint is that it’s sealed using finishing wax, but that idea scares me.  I don’t want that waxy finish necessarily, and I don’t want to re-wax this every few months.  If I seal it with a polycrylic, then I don’t have to seal it again- ever.  ALSO, should I decide to repaint this ever again, I won’t have to strip the wax from it first.  With that said, polycrylic it is! And, voila!


I added gray on the inside for some interest, but kept the shelves the same color as the unit

tv stand

ALL DONE(now to just fix those cables….and setup the speakers….and….whatever….)

I think this came out very well, I just wish it was bigger.  It’ll work for now and it was a great experimental project for $20.  Paint and supplies were an additional $8 since I had much of it already on hand.  That’s a FAR cry from the $200 unit at Target, so it’s like I saved $173!

I also learned a bit about chalk paint.  I like it. I like it A LOT.  I also learned that it’s a bit more absorbent than standard latex paint.  So it’ll go on over just about anything, but it may absorb any residue from below it.  There was a stain(oil of some sort) on the top of this unit that never quite went away even though I cleaned it before I started. It’s fine though, I think it gives it some character.:)

Moral of the story is: It’s just paint don’t panic.  And maybe chalk paint isn’t ideal for every project.(but it worked awesome for this one!!!)

Furniture Stalking

That’s really the only thing that I can call it…”furniture stalking”. It sounds strange but that’s pretty much what I do. I’ll go to a thrift store, find something that I really like, check the price, and walk away if its too steep.

My way of acknowledging divine intervention. It’s one of those, “If you love it then let it go…..(but keep coming back to check the price because they’ll eventually lower it enough to make it worth the time) and if its still there, then you know its meant to be.

When I go back and it’s not there, it hurts a bit….but you let it go and move on.

This is even the case with discarded goods or items neighbors have tossed away. I’ll watch it for a few days and hope it doesn’t get picked up or rained on before I get back home. For example, the ugly desk. Maybe its not fair to give it that name, but so be it! The ugly desk sat out in front of a neighbors house for DAYS. I considered grabbing it, then a regular Florida torrential downpour occurred and there she sat. Water everywhere, like she was crying and saying, “YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!”


So….I lamented and moved on….so sad.😦

At the same time I’ve also been watching watching this gal:


Isn’t she gorgeous? Or….maybe you don’t see what I do.

Anyway, she was $40, it wasn’t going to happen. The next time I went back she was 25% off. Today….she was 50% off and I had to beat out someone’s great-grandfather to get to it! With that said, she’s now mine, broken glass and all for a mere $17!!!!  No, I didn’t miscalculate, I negotiated $3 off because of the broken pane of glass.

I can’t wait to get home and lay out some plans for this beauty!

Room Redo #1

I’ve been working on redoing each of my children’s rooms. My son’s room is pretty awesome as it is, it just needs better organization and some sprucing up.

He’s got this car/garage themed something happening and I hope it sticks for a few more years.

Anyway, my focus has been getting his desk area together since he’s now in kindergarten (tear, tear, cry, cry) and needs a functional workspace. The desk I found some months ago on craigslist as an amazing steal. Its a REAL wood vintage, that was refinished in a BRIGHT red with chrome hardware(which matches perfectly and saved me the work of doing the same thing).

First order of business was to get the drawers together and make them all make sense. Then, I put up shelves for his current and future trophies and awards.

The only thing I was missing was a place for books. I found these super cool bookends at a thrift store, which were perfect save for the $25 pricetag. I’m pretty frugal and that seemed out there for something I could probably make. EVERY TIME I say that, I end up making it. So the research commenced!

I started with cutting some pallet wood that I had in my garage. Then I made some salt dough to give it a little weight and a base for a car, truck, or ATV(chosen by my son).

After some baking, painting, and sealing, this is what we have:


Function for less than $3!

Definitely a nice finish to the desk area. What do you think?


Fun With Craigslist

I’m a strange one, and sometimes I like to peruse Craigslist just to see what’s out there, mostly just to see what’s FREE.  The cheaper, the better for my repurposed furniture.  I’m not opposed to swiping that desk that the neighbors on the next street put out front of their house for bulk day, and getting busted courtesy of their motion sensing floodlights….but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, I like free stuff.  The past few days, I’ve noticed that people are crazy on Craigslist.  There’s definitely a clown or 2 out there, posting crazy things just for the hell of it.  For example, the sandwich…

free sandwich

It reads:

Peanut Butter and Cream Cheese sounded like a good idea so what can I say? I did it.  I’m not saying I regret it, but I’m also not saying I don’t regret it.  I don’t know what I’m saying really.

Basically I brought this sandwich into the world and I can’t take the guilt of throwing it out. I added some sliced strawberries cuz that sounded good too.  Mistakes were made. Lets not dwell on it.

Free to a good home”

As you can imagine, I had a GREAT laugh with that.  Now today, I came across this gem:

free doll

This one says:

“I want to get rid of this doll, my daughter doesn’t want it anymore, our dog won’t stop barking at it and we can never find it where we left it. Doll has a really cute laugh but no batteries required. Pick up only, thanks!  “

From these, I’ve now concluded that Floridians are completely insane or insanely creative.  Dear Craigslist Hero, I❤ U and your humor….even though I’m slightly afraid that you may be a psycho, and living within 10 miles of me.

Another Thrifty Find

Here’s another one to share. A recent thrifting excursion brought me to this:


It doesn’t look like much, it’s just a basic rolling counter something-or-other that was likely used for someone’s kitchen once upon a time.

My son’s room needs organization, and it needs it NOW. He has this pretty cool car themed room, and I wanted this to fit the existing décor. After some(meaning A LOT) of sanding, painting, sanding again, and painting again, I came up with this:


Once the WHOLE room is done, I’m definitely posting pics.

Inspiration & Messages From The Universe

Over the past few months I’ve been slowly making changes. I started working out, and simply choosing to make more of my time. Its been amazing.

I’ve a really good friend of mine that is also in need of inspiration and that extra PUSH. Together we’ve lamented over wine, and gimlets, and tacos, and…whatever else you can shove in your mouth and digest. Anyway….

The latest venture has been this intense mission to find her an antique desk to work with and convert her extra room into an office. Naturally I’m alllll for it! Ideally we’d find something and convert it into something like this:


Beautiful creation i found on Pinterest.

The other day while perusing thrift stores on my lunch break(this is my relaxation hour), I came across IT. THE PERFECT DESK.


Our eyes met, and it was love at first sight! I frantically sent my friend a text and proclaimed its perfectness for all of our perfectly planned Pinteresting!

I bought it right then and picked it up this morning.

Its amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I got it to her house and it seems that the mere sight of that desk was instant inspiration for us both. We cleaned and made space for it as her husband admired it, and pulled out all the drawers to make sure no one stashed a million dollars in it.(side note: this man is awesome. He met me at the thrift store and maneuvered this heavy desk into my lil SUV singlehandedly)

He didn’t find any lost millions, but what he did find was this:



Maybe its a little hokey or superstitious, but I think the universe’s intentions with us are VERY clear in light of the changes she and I both have for the  coming month.

Just makes you want to take a deep breathe and take in all that life has to offer.