This is me, and my random, randomness

I’m a Big Scaredy Cat

Over the years, I’ve noticed that I’ve developed a series of irrational, and somewhat crazy fears. I would like to attribute most of this to being a parent, and noticing how children can very quickly turn an everyday task into an health hazard. Even I can’t pin it all on them.

So, I’m putting these fears out there because I just faced one the other day, and SURVIVED.

Fear #1
A spider in my car. I’m SCARED of spiders, always have been, always will be. The damned things creep me out. It doesn’t help that I have massive amounts of banana spiders around my home. The other day as I was driving, this happened. It ACTUALLY happened. I am still a little too shaken to repeat the gory details, but you get the idea.

Fear #2
Being swallowed by a boa constrictor. This one I blame on my kindergarten teacher. That song isn’t fun, it’s terrifying.

Fear #3
Creepy crawly things in my ears or nose and eating my brain. If you were present for the mystery item my daughter had in her nose, you would COMPLETELY understand. And today, I saw this, which only made it worse:


This really could EAT your brain! I mean, brain matter and clams are about the same, right?

Fear #4
Dying on the toilet. Happens everyday, elderly men and women found, pants down, handling the last of their business. Or worse yet, you sit on the toilet and you’re unexpectedly attacked by a spider or snake that decided to emerge from your latrine at that very moment.

Fear #5
Glitter in my eye. Think about how much an eyelash hurts when it gets in your eye, glitter is even worse AND it could cause a corneal abrasion.

Now that I have the worst of them out there. I feel better. I used to make fun of my mother for her irrational fears, and now I am just like her(make that fear #6). My mom is great, loving, wonderful, but…I don’t want to be her or Aunt Josephine from A Series of Unfortunate Events.

What’s funny is if you showed me masked man with a gun next to any of these scenarios, the masked man would lose. Maybe as I get older, and more mature(HAHAHA), these fears will subside. Or I’ll get tougher.

On the road again…..

For the past 2 months, I’ve been living it up!

I went on my much needed, long awaited trip with a few girlfriends of mine to VEGAS! I would tell you all about it, but as the old adage says, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…..”. So I’ll tell you about my current trip.

The babies and are are in NYC!!!!(and the crowd goes wild!)

We’ve been in 4 days so far, and we’re having a BLAST! The grandparents are doing all the spoiling, I’m getting a chance to really build a relationship with my little sister(who is now eye level with me at 15yrs old), and we’re having fun! This vacation wasn’t planned with big things in mind, just all the little things, which is really the biggest in my book: Family.

Since I’m not posting any pics yet, I’ll leave you with this gem, courtesy of my lil sis:


Hug Your Babies Tight

This won’t be one of my happiest posts, I’m sure…but I’ve got to post it.

Recently I learned that a coworker of mine lost her son. Not only did she have to bury her child, but she had to make the decision to take him off of life support after an asthma attack left him brain dead. To see your child go from happy, healthy college student, to putting him in the ground…..as a parent, I can’t imagine anything worse in this world.

I’m so amazed by these little people that I’ve been so blessed to bear, and whom God saw fit for me to care for. There are times in your life that make you hug your babies tighter than ever, and this is definitely one of them.

It’s a hard thing to hear a person cry, but the worst sound in the world is the wail of a mother that has lost her child. Over the past month, there have been 3 people around me that have had to deal with such a horrible experience, and more than anything I have to admire their strength. I wouldn’t know what else to do, but lay down and die beside them.

My children are my very heartbeat, and my life. I don’t know what I did before they existed, but there’s no way that it could have been of any importance.

I have to say, I’m so incredibly thankful for the time I have with my children(even when they are beating each other up, or complaining that one or the other is breathing on them, etc….). For every moment that I am truly blessed to be their parent….. I. Am. Thankful.

PS: I would post a pic, but I’m now handing over my iPad to my 2-yr-old because he wants to play “anky buds on yo iPad”, translation, “Angry Birds on your iPad”. Yeah, the iPad is expensive….but it doesn’t cost more than my child’s happiness.

From the mouth of Jasmine….

Anyone who meets my little girl, Jasmine, knows she is a Diva. Always has been, always will be, and I see us bumping heads when she is a teenager as a result.

I have to say for all her “DIVANESS”, the child cracks me up!

A few months back, we were at the convenience store in the local mall. The gentleman behind the counter happened to be wearing a turban- growing up in NYC, this isn’t something that I really took note of- people are different, you just respect it and move on. ANYWAY, my lil Diva had apparently never seen anyone wearing a turban, I noticed this because she got SILENT the moment we walked into the store. Of course I tried to distract her and figured I’d explain the whole turban thing when we left the store. Nonetheless, she stared, with HUGE saucer eyes the entire time. I mean, STARED, like she’d just found a mountain of candy. By the time we were at the counter, I just kept speaking to her to avoid her saying anything that I knew would embarrass us all- to no avail. The moment I paused, when the gentleman gave me my total and change, THIS is when the silent Jasmine piped up. “Um, mommy…..is that man a Genie?” I had my change in hand, Jasmines hand in the other, and walked as fast as I could for the exit. At this point she’s telling me, she wants to get her wishes if he is a genie.

Another crack up moment came just yesterday. We were at a pool party, where she was conversing with her other 6 & 7 year old friends. She called out my name in search of her towel,

little girl: “oh, where is your mom”
Jasmine: “she’s right there”(points to me)
Little girl: “she’s really pretty”
Jasmine: ” well, she uses Mary Kay….let’s get back in the pool”

The kid cracks me up. We have our days of complete mortification, and days of full on laughter. My kids are the best!


The Good Old Days

Do you remember the very first cd, album, etc you bought? How it made you feel?

My mom will proudly tell you it was Rose Royce….

I can’t help but to think what our kids will remember…..will it be the first song they downloaded? The answer as I’ve discovered is, “NO”. I asked our 17-yr-old intern at work if he remembers what he first downloaded, and he couldn’t recall. I asked my 17-yr old stepdaughter and she also couldn’t recall.

I know that a good portion of what I remember in life is from my childhood, and relishing all those “first” memories. It seems like with everything being instant, ADHD, fast-zoom-bang-right-now, our children don’t have many memories to look forward to…..

I’ve nearly made it my mission to insure that my kids remember it all! Days at the park, running and jumping on the beach, and more….I just hope that maybe they’ll remember the good things and have the “firsts” that are worth remembering.

For the record, my first cd was Another Bad Creation…..it contained the driving force behind me wanting to change my name to “Iesha”.


Day 3 of this hair “thing”

So today was day 3, this is my sad attempt at documenting this sad attempt of a hairstyle:


What I did was twisted my hair at the base of my neck, then turned it upward…..almost like making a French twist. Then I secured it with one of those “EZ Combs

So, the style looks a bit like their “fountain” hairstyle…..

Challenging Challenge

Last week my friend Angela comes to me during lunch with this “Great Idea”. She was reading this blog where this girl decides to wear her hair in different styles each day of the week. My face instantly is:


She convinces me somehow with a lot of:



Eventually we end at:


We’re officially on day 2 and this is what I’ve come up with for the massive curly mess upon my head:

Day 1(a pretty basic bun):


Day 2(a side pinned 80’s-ish homage)


We’ll see what happens with days 3-5…..but knowing me, it won’t last. It’s difficult to do something everyday with this hair. More than 5 minutes spent on hair could be dangerous. My 2 and 6 year old could demolish and rebuild a whole city in that time. Can you imagine what they’d do to the living room?


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